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Oxysept 1 Step


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Lens care pills Oxysept 1 step are a unique product, that ensures unsurpassed cleanness of eye lenses and helps to increase their wearing time. It can be used with all types of soft contacts, including silicone-hydrogel.

The pills have passed all the required clinical trials. They do not contain preservatives, that often cause irritation and allergic reactions. Moreover, these pills can perfectly cope with cleaning and disinfection of contact lenses.

Neutralising pills Oxysept 1 step also protect lenses from the accumulation of protein deposits. It is highly recommended to consult with the professional ophthalmologist before ordering this or similar products.

The main advantages of multi-purpose pills Oxysept 1 step:

  • suitable for all types of contacts, including silicone-hydrogel;

  • do not contain preservatives;

  • do not cause irritation and allergic reactions;

  • protect lenses from the accumulation of protein deposits;

  • cleans and disinfects lenses at the same time.
Product Type: Pills
Manufacturer: Ireland
Manufacturer: AMO (Allergan)
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Oxysept 1 Step 12-Pills

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