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Coloured Lenses

If you want to emphasize your individuality, change your public image and amaze your friends, coloured contact lenses are exactly what you are looking for! Your eyes will look incredibly attractive in these contact lenses and no one will never guess what has changed in your appearance.

Coloured lenses allow not only to emphasize, but to change natural eye colour. They are available in dioptric and non-dioptric versions. These contacts will perfectly suit those people who do not suffer from any diseases, associated with eyesight and also those who want to hide any defects of the iris.

Coloured lenses are manufatured with the help of the latest technologies and so they are absolutely safe for user's eye health. Colour pigment is sealed inside the lens and do not contact with delicate eye tissues. Coloured lenses, as well as transparent, can be divided into several types by their material, wearing and replacement schedules.

Our electronic catalogue contains a wide range of coloured lenses: we offer not only coloured, but both tinted and party lenses (the latter are intended for making a shocking effect and are indispensable for noisy parties and carnivals). At Ecolens.ch you can select the most suitable coloured lenses from the world's leading manufacturers and at affordable price. All products are certified according to international standards and meet all the requirements.

Please note that the photographs do not give a complete picture of the colour. The final result may be different.