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Customer's reminder

Dear customers!

We have tried to make our website comforlable in navigation, informative and clear. You can find an article you are looking for with the help of falling list placed on every page of our website (“Full list of lenses” situated in the right part of the page, on a blue horizontal menu), also with the help of сatalogues, separated on several characteristics -  type of lenses, manufacturer, type of wearing. You can also use search bar. For simplicity you can connect with our specialists from call-center +41 (0) 26 424 24 19 and make an order. They will find you name and address in electronic base and draw your first order. It is easy, fast and comfortable. With your order (if contact lenses included in your order) you will get a catalogue of our company. You can always do your future orders by making a short call or just clicking on our website (don't forget to get your login first).

You will always find fresh, relevant information about prices, assortment, presents and special offers. We recommend you to subscribe to our weekly short informational distribution and be always informed about changes and new stocks.

Wish you health and good mood!