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Two-week toric lenses (For Astigmatism)

Two-week toric lenses are used by about a quarter of patients, that have problems, associated with eyesight. Such popularity is explained by a number of factors: easy use and handling, no need for care, incredible wearing comfort. The price of toric lenses depends on their properties. Our customer support service can help you to select and purchase the most suitable contact lenses at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch.

Two-week toric lenses are used for the correction of astigmatism and perfectly suit those people who are not used to replace contact lenses every day. Professional ophthalmologists often recommended them for patients with increased eye sensitivity.

Users often call these lenses as the golden mean between disposable daily lenses and lenses, intended for prolonged wearing.

Properties of two-week toric lenses

Two-week contact lenses have a high degree of oxygen permeability and are are much more thinner than lenses, intended for prolonged wearing (for this reason, they can be worn in extended mode). At the same time, short replacement schedule does not allow lenses to accumulate protein and lipid deposits on their surface. That is why they do not require enzymatic cleaning.

Toric design of two-week lenses helps to correct structural abnormalities of the cornea, that can cause such frequent eye diseases as myopia and hyperopia. It also ensures unsurpassed eyesight quality, comfortable and safe wearing during the whole period of use. Please note that the correction of other eye diseases requires the use of optical lenses.

In conclusion, it is also worth noting that these contact lenses have an affordable price, that makes them as one of the most economical products in the market of means of eyesight correction.