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Disposable 1-2 Week

What are the advantages of two-week lenses? They combine increased wearing comfort of disposable daily lenses and enlarged durability. Reviews about two-week lenses show that these contacts are easy in handling and are more profitable than disposable daily lenses. The price of two-week lenses depends on package and brand. You can select and order two-week lenses at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch.

The basic difference of two-week lenses lies in the fact that they have different wearing schedules. There are:

  • day-time wearing schedule;

  • prolonged wearing schedule.

In first case contact lenses can be worn only during the day-time (and should be removed before going to bed). In the latter case they can be used for several days without removing.

The advantages of two-week lenses

The main advantage of two-week lenses (medically) is in their hygienic properties. Thanks to the high water content in hydrogel (lens material), two-week lenses ensure deep moistening of eye cornea and supply it with a sufficient amount of oxygen. At the same time, short replacement schedule allows to prevent the accumulation of protein and other harmful deposits on the lens surface. In contrast to traditional lenses, two-week lenses do not require constant care.

Two-week lenses will perfectly suit those people who use lenses every day, as they lose their properties after fourteen days since the blister was opened (no matter how many times they have been worn).

Online-Shop Ecolens.ch offers a wide range of two-week lenses from leading manufacturing companies. Various designs, dioptres and colours will help you not only to correct your eyesight in the most natural and comfortable way, but will also make your look more interesting and attractive. Always remember that the selection of contact lenses is carried out under the medical supervision of professional ophthalmologist.