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Disposable Daily Coloured

You can purchase dioptric and non-dioptric daily coloured lenses at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch. In recent years, the popularity of these lenses has significantly increased. If you have any questions, you can consult with our customer support service.

The peculiarities of coloured daily lenses:

  • coloured lenses can both correct eyesight and change natural eye colour;

  • they have affordable price;

  • they are easy and convenient in handling.

It is not a secret that disposable daily lenses are the most comfortable and hygienic method of eyesight correction. They have incredibly thin structure, that allows to supply delicate eye tissues with the required amount of oxygen. In addition, they are manufactured from special hydrogel material, that has high water content and can protect the cornea from dryness and burning pain. Thanks to this unique property, the lenses are not felt on eyes while wearing. It is also worth noting that disposable daily lenses do not require care and storage – every day you just fit a new pair of lenses and remove it before going to bed. At the same time, daily replacement schedule completely eliminates the risk of allergies and other dangerous eye diseases. Daily lenses are comfort, quality and unsurpassed cleanness.

The advantages of daily coloured lenses

Coloured daily lenses combine all the advantages of coloured and disposable daily lenses. You can experience increased wearing comfort and look great at the same time. Online-Shop Ecolens.ch also offers daily tinted lenses.

The price of daily coloured lenses depends on brand and package. Different models will help you to achieve various effects. For example, contact lenses FreshLook One Day Illuminate from CIBA Vision company allow to enlarge visually the diameter of the iris and make the look more expressive (thanks to their special design).

If you want to change your natural eye colour completely, you can use contact lenses FreshLook One Day from CIBA Vision company or contact lenses Tutti One-Day from Bescon company. The most popular tints of these lenses are presented at our Online-Shop. You can order a set including four tints and enjoy new eye colour every day. Do not forget that the selection of contact lenses is carried out under the medical supervision of professional ophthalmologist.