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Disposable Daily Coloured Gray

You can purchase gray disposable daily lenses at an affordable price at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch – wide range of decorative contact lenses from leading manufacturing companies will help to you make the right choice.

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Coloured daily contact lenses
Shipping time: 7 Business Days
Product Type: Contact lenses
Wear Schedule: Daily
Replacement: Every day
Prescription: Optical



Nowadays gray eye colour, that is not common in nature, becomes more and more popular.

Gray is not always a colour of frown, melancholy and illness. Otherwise, the human experience, based on these cliches, would exclude it from the colour palette.

How to select gray contact lenses properly?

Gray is undoubtedly a strict colour, that aspires to stability (according to numerous designers). It's light tones express self-reliance, steadiness, seriousness and sociability. In nature, this colour is more common in combination with the others, for example, with hazel. Specialists recommend gray contact lenses especially for people with hazel eyes as they look really great together. On the other hand gray contact lenses can enlarge eyes visually.

Gray contact lenses will perfectly fit into everyday style. It is also worth noting that they can create an excellent combination along with a business suit. Properly selected gray lenses do not stand out from your image, but complement it and look natural at the same time.

In this way, gray contact lenses are an excellent addition to everyday image and business style. You can order them at affordable price at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch.

Our online specialists can help you to select gray contact lenses according to your personal characteristics and wishes.