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Disposable Daily Coloured Green

Green daily lenses will help you to attract attention of people around and will make your image bright and unique.

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Coloured daily contact lenses
Shipping time: 7 Business Days
Product Type: Contact lenses
Wear Schedule: Daily
Replacement: Every day
Prescription: Optical



Green daily lenses are absolutely safe for eye health. Depending on the properties and design, these lenses are suitable for different occasions (everyday use, work, party). Wide range of contact lenses will allow you to select the most suitable contact lenses, that will make your look unforgettable.

How do green contact lenses transform your image?

Coloured lenses can both emphasize you look and transform it. They perfectly suit those people whose natural eye colour is not too expressive. Modern developments can correct it and make more attractive. For example, green lenses enlarge your eyes visually, make your look fresh and decorate it with a unique pattern.

Always try to combine coloured lenses with your hair colour, accessories and design of clothes during the selection. The correct selection of coloured lenses will make your image harmonious and  give you confidence.

When you use green contact lenses, your look become tender and soft. These lenses can be a good addition to the bright colours of summer and spring (because green is the colour of warm seasons). At the same time, green contact lenses will perfectly contrast with snow covered landscapes during the cold winter days.

These contact lenses transform not only your individuality, but the whole world around you. The specialists of our Online-Shop can help you to select green contact lenses according to your personal characteristics.