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Disposable Daily Coloured Light Blue

You can purchase light blue daily lenses, that will perfectly refresh your everyday image, at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch. They will help to make your natural eye tint brighter or will completely change it. We offer a wide range of coloured contact lenses at an affordable price (check our electronic catalogue).

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Coloured daily contact lenses
Shipping time: 7 Business Days
Product Type: Contact lenses
Wear Schedule: Daily
Replacement: Every day
Prescription: Optical



Light blue daily lenses will perfectly suit people with different types of physical appearance. They will look great both with light and dark hair colours. That is why light blue colour is one of the most popular among decorative contact lenses. It makes look more frank and keen, and appearance – more contrast, especially if you are an owner of dark eye colour.

If you have decided to change your eye colour for the first time, it is better to order decorative daily lenses. They are considered as the most comfortable and safe means of eyesight correction and besides you will immediately see how they look like at you without spending a lot of money.

The composition of light blue disposable daily lenses

Light blue daily lenses are manufactured on the basis of soft hydrogel material, that moistens delicate eye tissues during the whole day and has excellent index of oxygen permeability. The colorant is located inside the lenses and do not contact with the cornea (and so you can be absolutely sure in hygienic and safe wearing).

Light blue daily lenses are presented at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch by brand FreshLook from CIBA Vision company. Contact lenses FreshLook One Day will make your look more attractive and will help you to change your image completely. Order light blue daily lenses at our Online-Shop, because it is very easy, fast and convenient.