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Disposable Daily Optical

You can order optical daily lenses at an affordable price at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch. We also offer a wide range of contacts, intended for prolonged use and care products from time-proved manufacturing companies.

Why do optical daily lenses become more and more popular nowadays? The answer to this question is obvious.

The pace of modern life makes a person move forward constantly and save every second. The successful life directly depends on the person's ability to adapt for changes in the world around. Optical daily lenses take into account all the peculiarities of user's life and are trying to make it more convenient. No lens cases and care products – every day you use new pair and enjoy healthy and safe wearing.

Optical daily lenses – unsurpassed quality and incredible comfort

Optical daily lenses save user's time and money. Moreover, they relieve him from the necessity to consult with the professional ophthalmologist as often as it requires in the case of contacts, intended for prolonged use (because of the high hygienic properties of this product).

Optical daily lenses have an increased degree of oxygen permeability and provide delicate eye tissues with all the required nutrients and chemicals. Thanks to the special moisturizing component they can maintain a sufficient amount of water on the lens surface during the whole day. They do not cause any unpleasant feelings while wearing and allow user to enjoy his favourite activities.

Some of the daily disposable lenses are equipped with built-in UV-filter, that ensures protection against harmful influence of ultraviolet rays. This protection minimizes the risk of occurrence of cataract, photokeratitis and other dangerous retinal injuries. There are also certain types of eyesight correction, that require the use of toric daily lenses. These lenses are available at our Online-Shop in various optical characteristics.

Price of daily disposable lenses depends on manufacturing company (brand), special properties (for example, built-in UV-filter) and design. You can take a closer look at assortment of daily disposable lenses in this section of our electronic catalogue.

Specialists of Online-Shop Ecolens.ch will be happy to answer all of your questions and will help to select the most suitable optical daily lenses according to your personal characteristics.