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Disposable Daily Party

Party lenses can become a perfect addition to holiday clothes. At the same time, they can imbue your everyday life with excellent mood and pleasantly surprise people around. Turn your weekdays into a bright show and  feel yourself like a star. Order disposable daily party lenses.

Tinted lenses are in great demand nowadays. It is associated with a quick rise of the popularity of anime genre. People all over the world start wearing lenses, that increase eye size visually, to look like characters of Japanese cartoons. Online-Shop Ecolens.ch offers tinted contact lenses, that will adorn your everyday life and amaze your friends and relativies.

Peculiarities of disposable daily party lenses

Daily party lenses are always bright, catchy and defiant. They create the holiday atmosphere due to the bright colours and unusual images, that completely cover the pupil. Thanks to the various designs, these contact lenses can be worn for any event.

Not all the pary lenses have properties, required for eyesight correction. They are intended for offbeat persons, which want to express their individuality in every imaginable way. In most cases these contact lenses find their use at noisy parties and themed nights, however, it does not mean that they can not be used in everyday life.

Daily party lenses are convenient in handling and do not require special care. For this reason their use completely eliminates the risk of occurrence of infectious eye diseases.

Despite the fact that daily party lenses have excellent hydrophilic properties, it is recommended to wear them not more than six hours a day.