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Disposable Daily Toric Soft

With the development of modern technologies, it has become possible to treat patients with astigmatism using daily toric soft lenses. Traditional hard lenses, previously used for this purpose, could perfectly keep their shape, but did not suit all patients. You can purchase daily toric soft lenses from leading manufacturing companies at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch.

Recently, daily soft lenses have been presented in the market. Today you can purchase them at any shop of optical instruments and devices. However, always remember that the selection of contact lenses is carried out under the medical supervision of professional ophthalmologist. Only qualified specialist can help you to select the most suitable contact lenses (according to your personal characteristics) and consult about proper care and storage.

Properties of toric lenses

Toric contact lenses has special mechanism, that helps them to keep correct position on the cornea during the whole day. It is required by the peculiarities of lens design, that should be fixed reliably to ensure qualitative eyesight correction. Toric contact lenses are more expensive than spherical as they are produced with the help of the advanced technology (but using the same materials).

Daily toric lenses are one of the best methods of eyesight correction for patients with astigmatism. First, they ensure extended field of view due to direct contact with the cornea. Second, they are more comfortable in wearing than hard lenses (thanks to the soft structure) and so they can be used even by people with increased eye sensitivity. Finally, daily replacement schedule allows to forget about lens care and storage and enjoy favourite activities.