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Daily toric lenses (For Astigmatism)

You can order toric daily lenses at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch at an affordable price (delivery included). Thanks to the unique structure of theses contacts, you eyesight quality will significantly increase while all the discomfort, associated with wearing of means of eyesight correction, will finally come to an end.

Daily toric lenses are used for the correction of astigmatism – common eye condition, that consists in improper curve of the front surface of the eye (cornea) and causes blurred or distorted vision. It can be treated with the help of above mentioned lenses, that correct the shape of eye cornea and eliminate such concomitant eye conditions as myopia and hyperopia. Always remember that the selection of toric daily lenses should be carried out under the medical supervision of professional ophthalmologist.

Toric daily lenses - healthy view of life

The main peculiarity of toric daily lenses is in their innovative shape, that have two convexities, intended for qualitative and clear image transfer. The effect is achieved due to the fact, that these convexities are located at different angles. Toric lenses should take a proper position on the cornea and so they are equipped with the special fixing mechanism, that helps to keep them in correct position even when the person blinks or moves his eyes from one object to another. The selection of  toric lenses by professional ophthalmologist is taken more time than of any other lenses, because it requires the accurate calculation of axis of astigmatism. In consequence of that, the price of such contacts is significantly higher. For simpler eyesight correction it is recommended to use basic optical daily lenses.

If you want to select toric lenses properly, you should know the following characteristics:

  • base curve radius and optical power;

  • axis (axes) and cylinder.

Affordable price on daily toric lenses at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding customer.