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What is the advantage of daily disposable lenses? Many people have already appreciated their useful properties. Online-Shop Ecolens.ch has a wide range of daily disposable lenses from leading manufacturing companies.

Thanks to the daily replacement schedule these lenses have no time for the accumulation of protein deposits. They can be worn even by those people who suffer from eye dryness, allergic reactions and increased eye sensitivity. Listed advantages have a great influence on eyesight quality, that is maintained in excellent condition and is not affected by those harmful factors, that are often associated with the use of contacts of scheduled replacement. Nowadays, daily disposable lenses become more and more popular.
Advantages of daily disposable lenses

Many professional ophthalmologists recommend daily disposable lenses because of their hygienic properties. Single-use completely excludes the risk of eye irritation. In contrast to other contacts, daily disposable lenses do not require constant care with the help of the special multi-purpose solutions, eye drops, lens cases and etc. It significantly saves your money and reduce the risk of occurrence of infectious eye disease, that are traditionally associated with the use of lens storage cases.

The main peculiarities of daily disposable lenses:

  • do not require the use of any care products;

  • absolutely hygienic and safe;

  • convenient and easy in handling;

  • ensure increased wearing comfort;

  • completely exclude the risk of infectious eye disease.

Daily disposable lenses are very popular among those people who lead an active lifestyle and spend much time in business trips. They appreciate increased wearing comfort and safety and are ready to pay for them. Online-Shop Ecolens.ch can offer a wide range of  daily disposable lenses of various optical characteristics, manufactured by famous companies from all over the world. If you are interested in contacts, intended for two-week or monthly wearing, you can also find them on our website.