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Disposable Monthly Optical

Do you want to get excellent eyesight quality at an affordable price? Then pay attention to monthly optical lenses. You can select and order them at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch.

Monthly replacement schedule means that these contact lenses can be worn for of up to 30 days and should be utilized after the expiration of this time. Optical monthly lenses are thinner than two-week and daily lenses, and so they can cause slight discomfort during the adjustment period (that does not take more than 2 days). Otherwise, you should consult with the professional ophthalmologist. Properly selected lenses will constantly supply the cornea with the sufficient amount of oxygen and moisture.

Purchase optical monthly lenses and look ahead with confidence

Optical monthly lenses, as well as three-month lenses, require thorough care. Due to the prolonged replacement schedule, they accumulate a  negligible quantity of protein and lipid deposits, that, however, can be very harmful for user's eye health. Multi-purpose solutions, intended for cleaning, disinfection and storage of contact lenses can not always cope with these deposits by themselves. For this reason manufacturers recommend to use special enzymatic tablets along with care solutions (except those cases, when their use is contrary to the lens solution manual). Observe the rules of proper care and storage of contact lenses, and enjoy all the colours of the world.

The base curve radius of monthly contact lenses ranges from +6,0 to -12,0 dioptres. Wide optical range makes these lenses very popular nowadays. At the same time, affordable price does not leave any doubts that monthly optical lenses are a great and lucky purchase.

If you have any questions, you can consult with our customer support service – qulified staff of online-Shop Ecolens.ch will answer all of your questions and will help you to select the most suitable contact lenses.