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(For Astigmatism)

Monthly contact lenses are one of the most profitable quality-to-price ratio products among all means of eyesight correction, intended for prolonged wearing. You can purchase monthly lenses, care products and accessories at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch.

Monthly lenses can differ by their wearing schedules:

  • day-time wearing (lenses should be fitted in the morning and removed before going to bed);

  • extended wearing (lenses can be worn for up to month without removing);

  • night-time wearing (lenses are used during the night-time and removed in the morning);

  • prolonged wearing (lenses can be worn for several days without removing).

Only the professional ophthalmologist can prescribe the correct wearing schedule of contact lenses (especially in the case of wearing of contact lenses, intended for prolonged use). You can always select and order monthly lenses with the help of our online catalogue.

The price of monthly lenses ranges from 8 to 99 CHF and depends on brand and quantity of lenses in the package. Companies use different materials and technologies of contact lens manufacture, and so it is very important to purchase only those lenses, that was selected for you by qualified specialist.

Who will suit monthly lenses?

Monthly lenses are the one of the most hygienic means of eyesight correction. They are soft, gas permeable and are not felt on eyes while wearing. Moreover, thanks to the relatively short replacement schedule these contact lenses do not have time for the accumulation of protein deposits, that cause eye irritation. Please note that if you need long-term eyesight correction, you can also start using special night lenses.

It is worth noting that monthly lenses can be worn not only for eyesight correction. Decorative monthly lenses are used to change tint and colour of the eyes. Online-Shop Ecolens.ch offers a wide range of coloured and tinted lenses, as well as of party lenses.