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Novelties of the season - Dailies Total 1, 1-Day Acuvue Define, Acuvue Clear

Leaders of the production of means of eyesight contact correction - American company Johnson & Johnson and Swiss company CIBA Vision presented to the world their new contact lenses.

Each model is the result of long and laborious work of specialists, which have always used innovative materials and have been guided by requests of their customers when creating their contact lenses.

It is well-known that daily wearing schedule is not only the most popular among users, but also the most hygienic and convenient. Every time you put on a new pair of lenses, you can be sure in qualitative eyesight and constant protection from harmful protein deposits, that can accumulate on the surface of lenses during wearing. Useful properties of disposable contacts are appreciated by millions of users worldwide. In many ways, this popularity had an effect on novelties of manufacturer companies, that have staked mainly on daily lenses.

Contacts Dailes Total 1 are smooth and soft means of eyesight correction, that are manufactured from silicone-hydrogel material and provide comfortable wearing during the whole day. The structure of these spherical lenses allows to correct vision for those people who suffer from the symptoms of farsightedness (presbyopia), nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism.



The peculiarity of disposable lenses Dailes Total 1 is in presence of high level of moisture in their structure, that provides excellent gas permeability (156 units). In that way, delicate eye microflora gets a required amount of nutrients, which ensure healthy eyesight. This fact makes the production of CIBA Vision company indispensable for users with dry eye syndrome and for all of those who have to spend a lot of time working on the computer.


In addition, daily lenses Dailes Total 1 are not felt on eyes practically and give you confidence in every step and action. Introduced technologies provide perfect fitting on eyes.

Probably the one of the most anticipated novelties of the season - coloured contact lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define from Johnson&Johnson, that are presented in two kinds: Natural Shimmer and Natural Sparkle.



These daily lenses have a unique property to enhance natural eye colour. According to the surveys among users, contacts 1-Day Acuvue Define incredibly transform the look. In combination with different natural tints these lenses can either deepen your eye colour or make it brighter. Innovative materials, that are used in their manufacture, allow them not to felt on eyes, and so you will experience lightness and comfort during the whole period of wearing.


Choose one of three styles of contact lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define, that will emphasize your look: elegant and classic Accent Style, bright and attractive Vivid Style and expressive Natural Shine.

The distinguishing feature of disposable lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define is in the presence of unique technology Beauty Wrapped In Comfort in their structure. It protects surface of the eyes from possible undesirable contact with colour pigment. Safe use allows to feel confidence while wearing these means of eyesight correction.

An additional advantage is a reliable UV-filter, that protects your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. A wide range of optical power makes contact lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define available for almost every user, giving him not only a clear and qualitative vison, but also an assurance about the future.

Monthly lenses became another novelty of Johnson&Johnson company. In contrast to daily lenses, contacts with prolonged wearing schedule have more difficult structure. Eyesight lenses Acuvue Clear are an ideal choice for those who have decided to decline from ordinary spectacles and pass on to contact lenses (and are going to fit them for the first time). These lenses do not require adaptation – their soft structure with an increased moisture content allows them to combine with the surface of the sclera without causing corneal or eyelid edema in the process of friction. Moreover, contacts Acuvue Clear have excellent gas permeability, that allows eyes to breathe freely over a long period of use.

If you care for contact lenses with prolonged wearing schedule with the help of the special solutions and follow all the recommendations of professional ophthalmologists, you can be sure in getting clear and healthy eyesight. At the same time, you will maintain quality of the lenses and their unique properties.