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Contact lenses or eyeglasses?

Contact lenses appeared in XX century and in the course of time became very popular. At the same time they noticeably pressed long known eyeglasses.

However, there are some people that still give their preference to ordinary eyeglasses instead of modern contact lenses. And so the following question is very relevant and can be very useful for every person, which tormented with doubts and fears about the best method of contact correction of eyesight. This question is: "How to make the right choice, but not a blunder?"

There are a great number of various myths about contact lenses that stop credulous people from using them and enjoy their benefits. We can list them endlessly, but it is not really hard to dispel practically all of them. To get rid of unsubstantiated superstitions and prejudices in this matter, it will be quite enough to consult with professional ophthalmologist.

There are no definite answer to above-mentioned question - every person makes his own choice between eyeglasses and contact lenses, but in a large number of cases necessity to use contact lenses is conditioned by medical treatment, prescribed by doctor and leaves no choice for individual preferences. Many people will not dare to change their eyeglasses on contact lenses, because they have already got used to them and now can not even imagine their lives without this undoubtedly health-giving, but bulky and old-fashioned instrument of eyesight correction. Moreover, some people who have any problems, concerned with eye health have already turned their ordinary eyeglasses into integral final part of their image. For example, everyone knows such kind of people who have no problems, concerned with eyesight, but who like to wear eyeglasses without dioptres, because they find themselves attractive with this accessories. At the same time it is not impossible to agree that eyeglasses as an original accessory will not be suitable for all people or all circumstances.

Many people reasonably believe that wearing of contact lenses can adversely affect on the health of the user and in particular on his eye health. Eyeglasses with glass lenses can lead to serious injuries. They also can get misted, shift from nose bridge at the wrong time, fall down and break. In this case, contact lens are much more comfortable and safer than ordinary eyeglasses. For this reason a large number of people, who prefer to lead an active lifestyle (for example, sportsmen) choose contact lenses as the best and the most appropriate way of eye care. In contrast to ordinary eyeglasses, contact lenses provide an excellent peripheral vision. Contact lenses are also prefered by vehicle drivers for which clear vision is the most vital and integral attribute, because it is directly related with fast response in emergency situations.

Contact lenses - high quality and unsurpassed comfort

Nowadays all contact lenses are manufactured from high-quality and absolutely harmless materials, and their structure is constantly improved by innovative technologies. Furthermore, leading manufacturer companies introduce biocompatible materials in the structure of contact lenses and these lenses, in their turn, are perfectly suited for delicate eye tissues, protect them from harmful influence of the environment and provide qualitative and comfortable wearing.

Contact lenses - multifunctional product

It is also a very remarkable fact that many people prefer to use contact lenses for cosmetic purposes.  Contact lenses can give you a really great opportunity to get rid of bothersome eyeglasses and change the way you look like significantly. You can change your eye colour every day if you use coloured daily lenses. These lenses were specifically designed for people who are inclined to change their appearance constantly and do not afraid to look fantastic or shocking. Tinted lenses are  also very popular among all users of contact lenses and will be perfect for those who want to deepen or lighten natural eye colour by unusual tints. Finally, if you want to make an impression on your friends and relatives you can try to use carnival contact lenses. These lenses can be worn at parties, masquerades, carnivals and parades, and it is absolute truth that there are people which see no reason to feel ashamed and dare to use carnival contact lenses in their everyday life. All above-listed contact lenses are completely safe for your health and have their decorative versions without dioptres, and so they can be used by people who do not suffer from any eye diseases and have no problems, concerned with eyesight.

It should be remembered that, above all, contact lenses are intended to improve eyesight quality and therefore can be defined predominantly as health products*. Moreover, their qualitative effect was appreciated by many doctors all over the world. Use of contact lenses in medical purposes promotes  to treat a large number of various diseases (keratitis, corneal dystrophy, corneal erosion, aphacia, and others). In addition, contact lenses can perfectly hide the defects of many injuries (for example, such as eye burns of different extents of severity, injuries concerned with getting a foreign body on the eye cornea, etc.). In other words, the contact lenses are used when there is a need to protect eyes from external influences of the environment and accelerate the healing process in cases of various eye diseases.

Contact lenses is very comfortable and safe method of contact corrrection of eyesight. If you want, you can alternate your contact lenses with ordinary eyeglasses. In this case, many users give their preference to daily contact lenses.

It is obvious that contact lenses have much more benefits than ordinary eyeglasses. They evolve, modernize and become an indispensable attribute of everyday life of many people. In genaral, they significantly improve the quality of life of each user, show him a world that full of million colours and exciting impressions and, what is more important, do not keep him from enjoying his life to the fullest.

*If you want to use contact lenses as a method of contact correction of eyesight, you should consult with profssional ophthalmologist at first.