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  • How to fit and remove contact lenses


    After the successful selection and purchase of contact lenses ophthalmologists often tell their clients how to fit and remove contact lenses correctly. But if you suddenly forgot what exactly and in what order you should do, our detailed manual will help you.

  • Hydrogel or silicone-hydrogel: What lenses are better?


    Nowadays leading manufacturing companies in the sphere of eyesight contact correction, produce a vast number of contact lenses with various designs, properties and wearing schedules.

  • Simple rules that ensure safe wearing of contact lenses


    Contact lenses are undoubtedly much more convenient and safe in wearing than ordinary eyeglasses, especially if we consider that they ensure better correction of refractive errors. Unfortunately, there are too little users of eye lenses who carefully observe the rules of proper use and care. Violation of these rules can significantly increa...

  • Rules of wearing of traditional contact lenses


    Nowadays, both ophthalmologists and experienced users give their preference to disposable daily, two-week and monthly lenses. However, there are certain reasons, that force people to use traditional lenses, intended for wearing period of up to twelve months. If you are one of these people, you should follow several simple rules:

  • Contact lenses or eyeglasses?


    Contact lenses appeared in XX century and in the course of time became very popular. At the same time they noticeably pressed long known eyeglasses.

  • Contact lenses: novelties of the season from Johnson&Johnson and CIBA Vision


    Leaders of the production of means of eyesight contact correction - American company Johnson & Johnson and Swiss company CIBA Vision presented to the world their new contact lenses.

  • Shining and deep look with lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define


    The next innovation from Johnson & Johnson company - a gift for those who aspire to give a depth and expressiveness to their natural eye color.

  • White lenses for parties


    Recently white lenses became an extremely popular kind of accessory – with the help of these carnival contacts every person can incredibly transform his image.

  • Brand Acuvue today - technologies and progress trends


     Modern technologies of eyesight contact correction allow person not only to restore the vision, that was lost because of the various reasons, but also to start experience confidence in every action, easiness and comfort in all aspects of life.

  • Soft and hard contact lenses


    Nowadays contact lenses are presented in a wide variety of brands and designs. The main difference between them is in structure of their material, that can be soft or hard depending on it's optical properties.