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Brand Acuvue today - technologies and progress trends

 Modern technologies of eyesight contact correction allow person not only to restore the vision, that was lost because of the various reasons, but also to start experience confidence in every action, easiness and comfort in all aspects of life.

Contact lenses Acuvue – comfort and innovations

Vision is a unique instrument of nature, that is influenced by such factors as low level of ecology, unhealthy diet, specificity of certain professions and many others, that somehow provoke the deterioration of functioning of visual organs.

For many people, the use of contact lenses is the most convenient way to restore eyesight quality.

Johnson & Johnson company for many years takes the leadership position among the manufacturers of means of contact correction. Brand Acuvue was established in 1987 and since then it gradually began to capture dominant positions in the market of manufacture of contact lenses. The confident movement of the company was provided not only by introduction of unique innovative technologies, that improve quality and positive properties of eye lenses, but also by constant attention to the needs of every customer. Years of research and steady observance of basic principles of qualitative manufacture have allowed to create comfortable and safe contact lenses, united by the brand name Acuvue.

Contact lenses of Acuvue series are:

  • unsurpassed quality;

  • guaranteed wearing comfort;

  • visual health;

  • easy use.

Lenses Acuvue - only qualitative materials

Glass and plastic became the first materials, that were used in the manufacture of contact lenses. These reliable and strong materials did not have an ability to pass oxygen and could not retain moisture, and so they were not able to create the conditions, required for healthy and comfortable wearing.

Finally, they were replaced by hygienic and elastic contacts, that are manufactured from special hydrogel or silicone-hydrogel material. These means of contact correction have coped with all the disadvantages of lenses of previous generation. Thanks to the excellent indices of gas permeability (100% of all required elements of oxygen), the eyes of every user got rid of any unpleasant feelings and started to breathe freely.

However, the problem of sufficient moisture remained unsolved until recently. In spite of the well-known fact, that the index of gas permeability, which has a direct relationship with healthy vision, is closely related with the level of moisture content, the users of the first contacts had to restore their eyesight and damage it at the same time. In absence of any alternative options,they were obliged to be threatened with various eye diseases.

Unique technologies of Acuvue series

Special technology, that is called as HYDRACLEAR, combines moisturizing component with silicone-hydrogel material, and so the user's eyes can always be supplied with the required amount of moisture and do not require the use of any additional care products.

Another important step of specialists from Johnson & Johnson company was the development of technology HYDRACLEAR Plus, that allows to add much more moisturizing component in the structure of the lens and provide comfortable and safe wearing even for those people who suffer from high eye sensitivity.

Just try to use contact lenses 1-Day Acuvue TruEye, Acuvue Oasys or Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism and you will immediately appreciate all the advantages of these means of eyesight correction.

Well-known fot it's positive peculiarities, LACREON technology is added in the composition of daily disposable lenses.

Many people have already appreciated all the advantages of daily contacts:

  • qualitative vision during the whole day;

  • no need in special care products or in containers for storing;

  • safety and comfort in wearing;

  • guaranteed hygiene.

Specialists from Johnson & Johnson company developed a unique technology, that is called as LACREON, that allows to retain moisturizing component in the structure of the lens and helps to maintain the sufficient amount of water on the lens surface during the whole period of use. High water content, in it's turn, completely eliminates the possibility of  occurrence of any unpleasant feelings. Thin structure allows user to forget about wearing of contacts and enjoy his favourite activities.

Appreciate all the advantages of contact lenses 1-Day Acuvue Moist or 1-Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism.

Innovative solutions from Johnson & Johnson

Many users have already had a chance to try out high indices of Acuvue lens series. Not only the introduction of the unique technologies made it possible to reach the desired result, but also the improvement of the developments, that have already been used in the manufacture.

Not long ago, the market of means of eyesight correction was renewed with the appearance of contacts with ASD technology, that is intended for those people who have to suffer from the symptoms of astigmatism.

In general, it is worth noting that  the main peculiarity of these lenses is in presence of two axes with different optical power that allow to get qualitative and clear picture. They should be fitted correctly and do not displace while wearing. However, if you move your head or bend it sharply, the axes can shift and the picture will become blurred.

With the help of computer simulation specialists from Johnson & Johnson company have improved lenses with ASD technology, that implies the presence of four zones of design of accelerated stabilization. These zones interact with the user's eyelids while blinking and hold the lens in the correct position.

Contact lenses with ASD technology, that is presented only in ACUVUE series, will provide clear and stable vision in all situations.

Try contact lenses 1-Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism or Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism.

Another useful development concerns the protection of eyes from harmful exposure of ultraviolet rays. It is proved that ultraviolet radiation somehow affects on all parts of our body and can provoke the occurrence of  life-threatening diseases. Our visual organs are not protected from the influence of harmful rays too. Ultraviolet can cause chronic conjunctivitis, blepharitis, cataract and other equally dangerous eye diseases.

In order to protect user's eyes from this radiation, specialists from Johnson & Johnson company have designed a UV-filter, that is included in the structure of all contact lenses of Acuvue series. Protection of your eyes is ensured even in the hottest weather.

It is worth noting that Acuvue brand has proved itself as a leader in the sphere of manufacturing technologies of lenses. It's production is recommended by many experts and also has already won the recognition among all leading optometrists of the world.