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How to fit and remove contact lenses

After the successful selection and purchase of contact lenses ophthalmologists often tell their clients how to fit and remove contact lenses correctly. But if you suddenly forgot what exactly and in what order you should do, our detailed manual will help you.

How to fit contact lenses


This manual will be especially helpful if you do not know or can not remember how to fit contact lenses for the first time. At first, you should wash your hands with soap thoroughly and wipe them with a towel (It is better to use paper towel). Make sure that there are no water drops or towel villi on your hands (otherwise they can get into the eyes).

Then carefully open the blister and remove lens from the solution using special tweezers. You should always use tweezers at this stage, because they are equipped with special silicone tips, that protect lens material from any mechanical damages (some tweezers are completely made of silicone).

Pay attention! Always start fitting of contact lenses from the same eye (If you do not want to mix up lenses with each other).

Carefully inspect lens for the presence of damages. If you found any defects, the lens must be utilized. Also the lens can be turned inside out - check the both sides for correctness.

If the lens is situated in correct position, it's edges are face up (lens shape resembles bowl). Otherwise, it's edges are turned out to the side (lens shape resembles plate). You can see how it looks on the picture below.

After you make sure that the lens has not any damages and is not turned inside out, go to the mirror and lift the upper eyelid with the help of your index finger (so that the eye can not close completely, even if you blink). Carefully place the lens on the sclera. After you make sure that the lens took correct position, remove your finger. Then lower the eyes, rotate them, and blink – lens position will stabilize.

Do the same with a second lens. Now you can wear contacts comfortably. How to fit eye lenses is no longer a question for you.

How to remove contact lenses

Now, let's say a few words about how to remove contact lenses properly. This question often causes particular concern. Wash your hands and wipe them with a paper towel before the procedure.

Go to the mirror. Look upwards and slide the lens to the sclera with the help of the index finger of your right hand. Remove the lens using "pinch" method (squeeze the lens with your thumb and index finger, and then simply insert it from the eye). If you remove the lens using another method you can injure the cornea or damage the lens.

If you use contact lenses of scheduled replacement, you should rub and rinse them with the help of the special care solution and then place them in the lens case, filled with the same solution. Disposable daily lenses can be simply utilized after removing.

Сases intended for storage of contact lenses also require special care:

  • pour the solution out from the lens case after fitting of contacts;

  • wash it with fresh solution;

  • turn the lens case upside down and dry it on a paper napkin;

  • lens cases and tweezers should be replaced regularly as they can accumulate harmful substances and bacteria on their surface.

Never store contact lenses in the water and protect them from water drops. Otherwise, water and impurities, contained in it, can damage the lens.

Always remember that the make-up should be applied only after fitting of eye lenses and washed off only after their removing.

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