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Rules of wearing of traditional contact lenses

Nowadays, both ophthalmologists and experienced users give their preference to disposable daily, two-week and monthly lenses. However, there are certain reasons, that force people to use traditional lenses, intended for wearing period of up to twelve months. If you are one of these people, you should follow several simple rules:

  • Keep your lens case clean and replace it not less than once in three months;

  • After removing your lenses, clean them with the help of the special solutions, such as ReNu Multiplus or Solo and only then place in your lens case.

  • Clean contact lenses with the help of the special pills in strict accordance with their instructions.

Improper care of traditional contact lenses leads to the accumulation of salt, protein and fat deposits on their surface. It significantly reduces optical characteristics of the lenses and can cause eye irritation or various allergic reactions. But the greatest danger lies in the fact that these deposits are a perfect nutrient medium for the development of harmful bacteria. In this way, in the case of the violation of the rules of proper care for traditional contact lenses, the risk of occurrence of inflammatory eye diseases noticeably increases.

Some users of eye lenses, especially those who work on the computer or spend much time in rooms with dry air, can feel discomfort, caused by dehydration. In these circumstances it is recommended to use special eye drops, based on the effect of artificial tear.

If you experience a sensation of foreign body in the eye, pain or another unpleasant feelings, contact lenses should be removed immediately. You can put them on again after cleaning with the help of the special care solution, intended for this purpose. If the feeling of discomfort will repeat, it is better to take off the lenses and consult with the professional ophthalmologist.

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Enjoy qualitative and healthy eyesight!