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Three simple rules for safe wearing of contact lenses

Contact lenses are undoubtedly much more convenient and safe in wearing than ordinary eyeglasses, especially if we consider that they ensure better correction of refractive errors. Unfortunately, there are too little users of eye lenses who carefully observe the rules of proper use and care. Violation of these rules can significantly increase the risk of inflammatory eye diseases and finnally lead to such dangerous disorder of higher visual function as keratitis.

Scientists from the University of Sydney in New South Wales conducted a research, that showed that a lot of users of contacts violate the rules of proper use and care almost every day. As a result, the inner surface of the lens begins to accumulate various pathogens, that can cause inflammatory processes in the conjunctiva or/and in eye cornea. Detailed information about this research was published in Optometry and Vision Science Journal.

The research involved 119 inhabitants of Sydney, that use contact lenses constantly. At first, the scientists conducted a survey of participants of experiment to determine how correctly they observe the rules of use and care for contacts, recommended by manufacturers or professional ophthalmologists. Then they conducted a microbiological research of eye lenses and lens cases, that belonged to participants.

The results showed that the highest microbial contamination was observed in those users who:

  1. Did not wash their hands with soap before any procedures, associated with the use and care for contact lenses and lens cases;

  2. Did not dry lens cases before placement of contact lenses;

  3. Did not use special lens care solutions, produced by time proved manufacturing companies. Based on the findings.


Based on the findings, the research director and the professor Mark Willcox recommends to avoid all the above-mentioned mistakes in use and care for contact lenses and lens cases. According to him, it will significantly reduce the risk of bacterial keratitis, that can lead to complete vision loss.

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