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White lenses for parties

Recently white lenses became an extremely popular kind of accessory – with the help of these carnival contacts every person can incredibly transform his image.

Carnival contact lenses have already taken their place in the wardrobe of dandies all around the world. And it does not matter if you have problems associated with eyesight or just want to  emphasize your look – today the market of means of contact correction can offer you a great assortment of dioptric and non-dioptric lenses. Rich palette of colours, wide variety of design finds and exclusives allow to select carnival contacts for any suit, any hair and make-up colours.

What are the advantages of white contact lenses and why they are the most popular colour decision among all the rest coloured lenses?

The uniqueness of white eye lenses

White colour is brightly represented in our everyday  live. It's symbolism is multifarious and has it's own individual meaning for every culture. But on the whole this noble colour tells us about purity and lightness.


Modern technologies allow to add an unusual content to natural eye color with the help of white contact lenses. They can completely hide the sclera of the eye (scleral contact lenses) and change the natural color of the eyes radically. Such lenses will be perfect for those people who are not used to being lost in the crowd, like to be notable and are not afraid of any experiments with their image.

As was already mentioned above, the content of white contact lenses is very multifarious – a great variety of design finds and exclusive artworks can be met on their smooth crystal-clear surface. Surprise your friends with lenses, that are marked with your favourite symbol, unusual drawing or quaint pattern.

Peculiarities of use of white carnival lenses

White lenses are absolutely safe in their structure, because ther are manufactured in compliance with all the requirements of the standarts of healthy eyesight. Many manufacturers are still improving the properties of such lenses, increasing the indices of oxygen permeability and moisture content. However, in spite of the fact that the vast majority of carnival contacts have no dioptres in their structure, it is recommended to consult with the professional ophthalmologist before ordering such lenses. Highly qualified specialist will give you instructions about peculiarities of caring for contact lenses and also will explain the importance of scheduled replacement.

Prices for these contacts vary depending on the their manufacturer, replacement schedule and uniqueness of design, but they still remain affordable for any customer. It is also worth noting that the cost of white scleral lenses is much higher than of other carnival contacts.