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Advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses

There is no person in the whole world who could say without any doubts that he (or she) has absolutely perfect eyesight and never had problems, concerned with it. In recent years more and more people use contact lenses for eyesight correction, which allow to reach the best possible quality of eyesight and high level of comfort. However, like any other treatment methods, contact lenses have their advantages and disadvantages. In this short article we will try to speak about both of them. This information can be useful for novices in the sphere of contact correction and for experienced users at the same time.

Initially, contact lens is an uncomfortable "foreign body" for any eye and it requires special attention. And if it is quite enough to wipe ordinary eyeglasses with napkin for several times a day, contact lenses need special care and special equipment. Maybe you have already heard something about containers and solutions, sprays and pills that are used by people, who prefer to wear contact lenses instead of ordinary eyeglasses. Наve not you? Besides that, eyeglasses can be worn for several years without changing, unlike contact lenses, which require regular scheduled replacement. Different contact lenses have different periods of wearing, and the shorter it is, the more comfortable and expensive contact lenses will be. If you wear contact lenses constantly you have to consult with professional ophthalmologist not less than once in six months. It is also very important to know that contact lenses are contraindicated for people who suffer from Graves' disease, HIV infection, blepharoptosis, keratitis and acute conjunctivitis.

Despite these disadvantages, contact lenses have something to boast about. It is undoubtedly that contact lenses have much more advantages than disadvantages. Let's list some of them:

  • The most effective correction of high myopia;

  • The ability to provide a high quality of eyesight for people, whose eyes have different optical power (If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, which have difference of more than two dioptres you can feel marked discomfort);

  • With the help of toric contact lenses you can almost completely correct your eyesight even in the case of compound astigmatism;

  • Multifocal contact lenses are much more comfortable for people who suffer from presbyopia and they eliminate the need to use two pairs of glasses (for constant wear and for reading);

  • Contact lenses have no frame, and so they do not limit the field of vision (you get ultimate peripheral vision). This quality of contact lenses is very important for vehicle drivers;

  • Contact lenses do not change the visual size of eyes, unlike lens glasses which increase the size of the eyes at hyperopia and decrease it at myopia;

  • Contact lenses can not break and injure your eyes. They are ideally suited for people who prefer to lead an active lifestyle and do sports;

  • In winter contact lenses do not fog up and do not worsen your view ( in contrast to eyeglasses);

  • No glare;

  • Contact lenses do not change your appearance and are perfect for any style of clothing. That is why young people, famous public persons and people who like to change their image frequently give their preference to contact lenses;

  • Contact lenses are not only a method of eyesight correction, it is also a way to change natural colour of your eyes.