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Decorative contact lenses

If you have ever wanted to emphasize your individuality, change your image or amaze your friends, coloured contact lenses are exactly what you need. Your relatives will be pleasantly surprised by such transformation or perhaps they will not even understand what has changed in your appearance specifically.

Coloured contact lenses allow you not only to underline the look, but to change your eye colour radically. In addition, you have the opportunity to select contact lenses with or without dioptres. They are perfectly suited for those people who do not suffer from eye diseases or for those who want to hide any defects of the iris.

Coloured contact lenses are manufactured with the help of the newest and safest technologies. As a rule, the dye is placed inside the lens, and so it is not able to harm your eye health. Coloured contact lenses as well as transparent can be divided into types by wearing period or by material from which they are made of.

Nowadays coloured contact lenses become more and more popural. There is also one variety of coloured contact lenses that stands out from others especially, and is called as carnival contact lenses. These extraordinary lenses were invented by manufacturers and designers to fill your life with quaint colour combinations and make it looks like a fairy tale. These contact lenses can become an important attribute of any celebration or even turn your boring weekdays into a fantastic story, where you will be the main character! Purchase monthly or three-month carnival contact lenses and create your own atmosphere.

On the pages of our online catalogue there is a wide assortment of coloured contact lenses. We are engaged in sale of coloured, shady and carnival (also called as crazy) contact lenses which allow to reach a truly shocking effect and are perfect for holidays and parties. Here you will be able to find the product that will suit you most of all. All articles in this section are certified according to international standards.

Remember that the colours of contact lenses on photographs may differ from their real colour (colour may change when you put your contact lenses on), because final effect greatly depends on individual characteristics of your eyes.