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Decorative coloured contact lenses

In today's world we are used to argue against nature constantly. It is incredibly interesting to change your eye color! Since most brands of coloured contact lenses had begun to manufacture lenses with the same parameters and dioptres as classical transparent contact lenses, every person who suffer from any eye diseases got an opportunity not to treat eyesight only, but to change eye colour constantly. It is not a secret that multiple colour layers inside of the lens have some transparency to make them look more natural. For this reason the same contact lenses will have characteristic hue and saturation on different eyes. Perhaps it is for the best, because otherwise all who wear coloured contact lenses would have exactly the same eyes.

Many manufacturers of contact lenses are trying to demonstrate how the same lens colour will look like on light and dark eyes, but it is only approximate information. The real colour may look slightly different from the photograph. Even if you think that your natural eye colour is very dark, you can experiment with it. After you have selected certain type and brand of contact lenses with professional ophthalmologist, you can change your eye colour as often as you want. But if you decided to change type and brang of contact lenses you have to consult with doctor again. Every type and brand of contact lenses need their own prescription.