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Decorative tinted contact lenses

Tinted contact lenses are not so boring as they seem at first sight. Sometimes when you decide to change your natural eye colour radically and use bright coloured contact lenses (for example, emerald or purple), you can be upset by final result. The reason is in one well-known, but constantly overlooked fact - eye colours on photographs, which were taken by manufacturers of contact lenses may differ from your actual eye colours, because individual characteristics of each person always play an important, determinant role in it and can have a great and various influence on your final look. For this reason, in vast majority of cases tinted contact lenses turn out to be more suitable and preferable. Just imagine, for example, how mysteriously charming your hazel eyes will look with purple tinted contact lenses or how divinely perfect your natural light blue eye colour will combine with famous "aqua" contact lenses. Light blue, grey, green, hazel – all these eye colours are beautiful in their own way and without any extra contrivances, but in spite of this nothing prevents you from using lenses of contact correction of eyesight along with barely perceptible, transforming effect of tinted contact lenses.


Many brands produce tinted contact lenses, which are intended to intensify your natural eye colour or add interesting and unexpected effects. If you have never changed your eye colour and it is rather difficult for you to decide on fundamental changes, you can try to use tinted contact lenses that will be similar to your natural eye tint. Relatives, friends and colleagues, probably, will not understand what has changed exactly in your look, but you can be absolutely sure that they will notice that it has freshened up greatly as if you have just returned from long vacation. If you enjoyed this experience, we advise you to be bolder and make another important step – try to use tinted contact lenses with such effects as "eye shine", "bright eye rim", etc. In this case, your look will hypnotize your interlocutors and will make them peer into your eyes interestedly to guess about the reason of unusual and interesting changes in your appearance. They will be fascinated, silently amazed and maybe a bit awestruck, but the will never know your personal secret (if you will not decide to tell them by yourself).