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Two-week contact lenses

Two-week contact lenses belong to the category of lenses that necessarily need constant scheduled replacement. If you use such type of contact lenses, you have to change them every 14 days. There are also some kinds of two-week contact lenses that can be used during all day and night (twenty-four-hour lenses). In last case you have to change your contact lenses once a week.

Two-week contact lenses for the most part have excellent moisturizing properties that help to prevent the development of dry eye syndrome. That is why such contact lenses can be recommended for people who spend most of their time working on computer or for those who have to stay in premises with dry and/or dusty air during all working day. Two-week contact lenses are also the best choice for those who like to travel, because you have no need in changing them for quite a long period of time (for example, during a train ride or flight) and without any risks to eye health.



At it's core, two-week contact lenses are something between lenses for continuous and daily wearing. Their main advantage is in their ability to be worn for 7 days without taking off. This property of two-week contact lenses makes them very comfortable for different trips or for such situations when you have to spend much time in places that do not comply with health standards (for example, during the tourist hike).Two-week contact lenses have very thin structure and do not irritate conjunctiva (well known for all users of contact lenses feeling of foreign body in the eye).

Currently, about 40% of users give their preference to two-week contact lenses. Respondents explain their choice, first of all, by increased comfort of these contact lenses. Another advantages, that they all notice are easy care, high resistance to mechanical damage and lower price in comparison with daily contact lenses. Cost of two-week contact lenses depends on their characteristics. For example, contact lenses with UV-filter will be more expensive than contact lenses with similar parameters, but without built-in protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation. So, if you wear sunglasses with good UV-filter (and, consequently, have no need in contact lenses with this property), you can purchase a cheaper model of two-week conact lenses.

Thanks to short period of wearing, two-week contact lenses much more hygienic than the others. Protein complexes, salts and microorganisms, which are formed from lacrimal fluid and deposited on the lens are not dangerous for two-week contact lenses, and so they do not need enzyme purification. Despite the fact that two-week contact lenses can be worn both as daily and prolonged,  you must consult with professional ophthalmologist, if you want to use them for continuous wearing.