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Three-month contact lenses

Three-month contact lenses can be worn for 90 days without scheduled replacement. Their main advantage is in their long operaring period, but on the other hand it is well known that increased product life has it's serious dangers. For example, traditional contact lenses that can be worn for six month are not completely protected from any contaminants and can gather protein complexes, salts and microorganisms on their surface (to avoid this danger, you must take care of them constantly). That is why three-month contact lenses are the best type of lenses that have ever been manufacured. They have all advantages of contact lenses which are oriened on short wearing period and at the same time they practically have no disadvantages, associated  with contact lenses of continuous wearing.


For this reason, three-month contat lenses are very popular among users. In wide assortment of contact lenses they take intermediate place between traditional lenses and lenses that need constant scheduled replacement. Three-month contact lenses are manufactured by advanced technologies from high-quality modern materials and provide excellent optical characteristics, high permeability for oxygen and enough moisture content. These contact lenses are both qualitative and have a good price. For many years they take a leading position in the category of budget contact lenses and are preferred by people from all over the world. Some types of three-month contact lenses have built-in UV-filter that makes them more comfortable and safer.

As we said before, three-month contact lenses practically have no disadvantages, inherent to traditional contact lenses. But "practically" does not mean "absolutely". These lenses are also need your care. During the operating period three-month contact lenses can gather small amount of deposits - protein complexes, salts and microorganisms, which are formed from lacrimal fluid and can harm your eye health. Contact lenses for more prolonged wearing are also have this disadvanage but in incomparably greater extent. Three-month contact lenses require everyday cleansing, rinsing and disinfecting with the help of special solutions and devices. Moreover, they need enzyme purification by peroxide or enzymatic systems once a month. Perhaps, it is the only disadvantage of these contact lenses. By the way, three-month contact lenses have much more advantages. First of all, they are perfectly suitable for almost all users. Then, with the help of these contact lenses you can restore not only your visual acuity, but also change your natural eye colour. Coloured and shady contact lenses are very popular among women and young people.

Three-month contact lenses are manufactured from durable materials, and so it is practically impossible to damage them during operational process. But at the same time they have very slim design, that prevents from any discomfort while wearing. Professional ophthalmologists do not recommend to leave these contact lenses in dry places for the whole night. It is much more better to put them into special container, filled with cleaning solution and do not take out until next morning (during the night they will have time to clear and disinfect, and your eyes will get their well-deserved rest). If you wear three-month contact lenses, you have to use rewetting drops from time to time. Unfortunately, these contact lenses do not have built-in moisturizers. For this reason, three-month contact lenses are not recommended for people with dry eye syndrome.