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Daily contact lenses

In recent years, disposable hygienic products become more and more popular. Following this tendency, the popularity of daily contact lenses is increased too. This fact is quite clear – disposable contact lenses can provide excellent vision, they are comfortable and safe.

The main problem of contact lenses for continuous wear is protein complexes, salts and microorganisms, which are formed from lacrimal fluid and deposited on the lens. Sometimes it is really hard to move these "foreign bodies" away even with the help of qualitative care tools. As a result, they worsen optical properties of contact lenses and increase the risk of allergic and/or infectious illnesses. Daily contact lenses have no time for it. They are absolutely safe for eye health, because of the short wearing period, which allows to put on contact lenses in the mornings and throw them out at the evenings.

Modern contact lenses are in big demand in spite of high price and this fact is not surprising - in comparison with the others, daily contact lenses have many important advantages. They are:

  • Contact lenses has high permeability for oxygen, they are thin, soft and flexible. For this reason they are suitable for people with sensitive eyes;

  • When you use daily contact lenses there is no need in cleaning or disinfection. At the end of the day you simply throw them away and put on new pair on the next morning;

  • Daily replacement of contact lenses eliminates the possibility of injury during the process of exploitation and prevents cornea from microtraumas;

  • It is proved that contact lenses almost completely reduce the risk of seasonal allergic reactions of eyes;

  • There are daily lenses with high moisture content, which can be used even by people with dry eye syndrome;

  • Almost all daily contact lenses have built-in UV-filter, that protects eye structures from harmful influence of ultraviolet.

As statistics shows, in develop countries the number of users, which prefer to buy daily contact lenses instead of the others, increases every year. As has already been mentioned, daily contact lenses is the best way for comfortable and safe eye correction. Especially for those people who like to travel a lot. Agree that the train compartment, tent, hotel room – are not the most suitable places for all manipulations, concerned with cleaning and disinfecting of contact lenses. It is also can be recommended for people who work in harsh conditions (dusty environments, smoke or other cases of air pollution). And of course, daily contact lenses is the best solution for those who usually prefer to wear ordinary eyeglasses instead of contact lenses and only occasionally use them (for example, for going to the cinema or to the stadium). In any case, daily contact lenses can become a good guide in the world of bright colours for everyone.