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Contact lenses for continuous wear

Hydrogel gas permeable contact lenses (also called as contact lenses for continuous wear) are one of the most comfortable and safe among all the rest. Hydrogel is a special material, from which contact lenses are made of. It also can be characterized like material that has high oxygen permeability, low degree of dehydration while wearing and resistance to formation of deposits.

Furthermore, in comparison with ordinary eyeglasses, hydrogel contact lenses create higher image quality on the retina, increase visual acuity and expand visual field (what, in it's turn, reduces fatigue and eye strain).

Our online-shop Ecolens.ch has wide assortment of hydrogel contact lenses, and so you have an opportunity to try them in action, evaluate advantages and disadvantages of this type of conatct lenses and finally make the right choice. Adaptaion to hydrogel contact lenses is easy and extremely fast (from the first minutes of use). These contact lenses also have a remarkable ability to repeat your eye shape precisely and provide maximum comfort during the whole wearing time.