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Night contact lenses

The high pace of modern life and everyday responsibilities leave no time for health care. Unfortunately, it is very common situation when you put on your contact lenses in the morning and forget to take them off at night, because of the unbearable tiredness and well-earned desire to relax as soon as possible. Sometimes in these moments people even forget that they have ever used contact lenses for eyesight correction and go to sleep with lenses on, what, in it's turn, can cause serious complications (it is well known fact for all users of contact lenses) of eye health. But keep calm and do not worry - there is a way out from this unpleasant situation.

High technologies have advanced so much in recent years that it has become really possible to manufacture contact lenses with a long list of positive qualities (such as ultra-thin edges, durable fixation, high moisture and oxygen permeability) and which can be absolutely comfortable in wearing at the same time. One of these contact lenses are called as "Night contact lenses" and without any exaggerations they can be considered as on of the most popular contact lenses among all users. Night contact lenses have an increased moisture content and gas exchange, some of them can be worn without taking off only for one night (you have to take them off on the next night), but there are also such kinds of contact lenses that can be used uninterruptedly for one, or even three monthes. However, it is very important to consult with professional ophthalmologist before wearing contact lenses of continuous (uninterrupted) operating period, because eyes of each person can react  differently to them (depending on individual characteristics). If you do not feel any discomfort and do not lose visual acuity, you can continue wearing these contact lenses. But nevertheless if you experience little discomfort (for example, such as dry eye syndrome) you can try to use special rewetting drops, that have almost the same composition as natural tears.

Contact lenses that can be worn during all day and night are always comfortable for energetic and easy-going people which lead an active lifestyle and are ready, for example, to go to night party spontaneously or spend the weekends at friends houses.