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Soft contact lenses

The main advantage of soft contact lenses is in their ability to repeat the shape of eye cornea as accurately as it really possible and to adapt to the individual characteristics of each person. Of course it makes the process of wearing of contact lenses very comfortable and easy. Because of it's structure it will not take much time to get used to soft contact lenses and get rid of unpleasant feeling of foreign body. Perhaps, the only disadvantage of soft contact lenses is in need to take care of them constantly.

The basic material from which soft contact lenses are manufactured is hydrogel, that represents the polymeric composition, saturated with water. Water channels inside soft contact lenses helps to supply eyes with enough amount of oxygen.

Another variety of soft contact lenses is silicone-hydrogel contact lenses. You can wear these contact lenses for about a month without taking off. When product life of your contact lenses will come to an end, you just have to throw them out and use new pair. Soft contact lenses are very safe and hygienic, and, what is more important, are suitable for people with sensitive eyes.