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Traditional contact lenses

Traditional contact lenses are known as the most classical method of contact correction of eyesight. They are used for continuous wearing (not less than 6 months) and need regular, careful cleaning and disinfection during the whole operation period. This feature of traditional contact lenses sometimes makes them uncomfortable in use, and so it is very important to understand if they are suitable for you or you would be better to try something else.

Traditional contact lenses are also called as contact lenses with prolonged operating period (do not confuse operating period with wearing shedule of contact lenses). These contact lenses belong to the first generation of soft contact lenses and are made from special material called polymacon. The main difference between traditional contact lenses and the others is in their thickness (they are rather thick), and this characteristic is also the one of the several disadvantages that these contact lenses can not be proud of. Another important disadvantage is low oxygen permeability. The point is that there are two above-mentioned factors that influence badly on oxygen transmissibility of traditional contact lenses. They are: thickness of the lens and material from which they are made of. That is why you can use these contact lenses only during the daytime and take off at night. And, besides, if you prefer to wear traditional contact lenses you also have to use special rewetting drops (polymacon contains very little moisture).

It would seem that contact lenses with such disadvantages would have to become a part of the history (especially if we take into account the fact that nowadays there is great assortment of contact lenses of scheduled replacement), but it has not happened. As statistics shows, about 10% of users give their preference to traditional contact lenses. You can ask "Why?” It is very interesting question and it means that it is time to speak about advantages of traditional contact lenses.

The biggest advantage of traditional contact lenses is long product life. These contact lenses can be worn from 6 to 12 months, but in spite of this many professional ophthalmologists recommend to change traditional contact lenses more often, for example, once in three months. In any case it is much more cheaper to use contact lenses for prolonged wearing than purchase monthly and especially daily lenses.

Traditional contact lenses are usually manufactured by using late cut technology (whetting). This method provides better visual acuity, because lens sets on eye cornea in the most accurate way. In addition, they are made from durable material and it is really impossible to damage them during the operating process. The main disadvantage of these contact lenses is in need to clean and disinfect them constantly. Also, you should necessarily realize enzymatic and mechanical purification of traditional contact lenses at least once a month. Only if you take care of your contact lenses constantly and do not break the rules of wearing, you will be able to be sure in your eyesight quality and your eye health. Traditional contact lenses are not recommended for people with sensitive eyes or for those who suffer from eye allergy or/and from dry eye syndrome. For these people is better to give their preference to daily contact lenses.