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Transparent multifocal contact lenses

Transparent multifocal contact lenses are used by people who suffer from presbyopia and can not focus their eyesight on close objects. As a result, they have serious difficulties while reading, working on the computer, driving and etc.

With age, crystalline lens gradually loses its ability to change the curvature (accommodation). For this reason people who suffer from presbyopia may begin to have difficulties when looking at close objects and unfortunately it can becomes necessary to use special eyeglasses for reading. Distance vision is also getting worse with time. Finally, you have to use two pairs of eyeglasses or eyeglasses with bifocal lenses. It is not comfortable and what is more, it is not aesthetically beautiful. That is why in recent years more and more people give their preference to transparent multifocal contact lenses.

Transparent multifocal contact lenses are manufactured from modern materials, that have both high oxygen permeability and high moisture content. They are very comfortable and safe in wearing. At present time manufacturers of contact lenses produce several kinds of transparent miltifocal contact lenses with widely varying properties. Wide assortment of production allows each person to select the most suitable kind of contact lenses that will take into consideration all individual characteristics  of a person. Thanks to this, everyone has the opportunity to have a good eyesight in spite of the problem. It also enables every user to see equally well at any distance. And at the same time he has no need in wearing several pairs of eyeglasses and changing them constantly (depending on the activities). Soft transparent multifocal contact lenses have a compoud structure, that includes several optical centers instead of one (like other contact lenses do). The light passes through them and provides the formation of multiple images on retina. The brain will opt the image that will allow him to make the correct visual image of reality objects. Moreover, there are hard gas permeable transparent multifocal contact lenses, which have simpler operating principle. These lenses function exactly the same as bifocal eyeglasses. The upper part of such contact lenses is intended for correction of distance vision, and the lower is for reading.

Transparent multifocal contact lenses are in big demand nowadays. And this is not surprising – bifocal eyeglasses do not look aesthetically beautiful. Furthermore, the process of adaption is quite long and complicated for every person. Finally, it is not comfortable to carry two pairs of eyeglasses at the same time constantly. That is why many users and professional ophthalmologists today give their preference to transparent multifocal contact lenses as the best way of restoration of normal visual acuity.