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Transparent optical contact lenses

Transparent optical contact lenses are intended for restoration of your visual acuity and are used for different types of refractive errors. In contrast to coloured contact lenses they do not change natural colour of iris and completely oriented on eyesight correction.

Contact lenses which are manufactured from transparent materials and can be used only for eyesight correction are usually called as transparent optical contact lenses. They are intended for restoration of normal visual acuity of those people who suffer from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia. Unlike coloured lenses, transparent optical contact lenses have no colour, and for this reason they do not change your natural eye colour, even if they are a bit shady (tint colour is used by manufacturers to make easier for user all manipulations, concerned with wearing and taking care of contact lenses).

Transparent optical contact lenses can be divided by their properties. The most important difference between them is in their sctructure. There are hard and soft contact lenses. At present time hard lenses are used only for eyesight correction in particularly difficult cases of eye diseases (keratoconus, compound astigmatism). More than 90% of users give their preference to soft contact lenses, which in their turn can be divided into several small groups by following indications: material, wearing period, moisture content and the others. Numerous opinion polls show that the great majority of users of contact lenses opt to choose transparent optical contact lenses of scheduled replacement, because they think that they are comfortable, safe and easy to use.

In recent years, daily contact lenses are in big demand. Their comfort for user is in their short wearing period, which allows to wear these lenses only during one day (until night) Then you simply throw them out and use new pair. Actually, daily contact lenses can be also called as disposable (like many well-known products nowadays). These contact lenses do not need cleaning and disinfection, because they do not have time to gather proteinaceous and bacteritic deposits on their surface, and so they are absolutely safe and hygienic (these deposits can be very harmful, can cause allergic reactions or infectious and inflammatory diseases, if you use contact lenses for continuous wearing).

Another popular type of contact lenses has more prolonged wearing period, but it is also very comfortable and safe. We speak about transparent optical contact lenses that can be worn for 30 days without scheduled replacement. There are two kinds of monthly lenses. The first kind is oriented on daytime wearing (you have to take your lenses off at night), the second one, in it's turn, oriented on uninterrupted wearing (day-and-night contact lenses). These lenses are recommended for older people, which have difficulties with putting on and taking off their contact lenses, and also  for those people who have irregular working hours, flexitime or often go to business trips. Finally,  monthly contact lense can become the best choice for travelling persons, because you have no need in changing them constantly (it is very comfortable, especially during train rides or flights), and so you can be calm about your eye health.

Assortment of optical transparent contact lenses is great. But only professional ophthalmologist will be able to recommend you the most suitable type of contact lenses and only he, finally, will help you to make the right choice.