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Transparent toric contact lenses

Transparent toric contact lenses are intended for people who suffer from astigmatism – widespread visual disturbance that concerned with defects of cornea or crystalline lens shape. If you suffer from this eye disease you can see surrounding objects incorrectly, vaguely, and it usually leads to eyestrain that causes strong headaches. 

Astigmatism is treated by using special eyeglasses with cylinders. However, these eyeglasses are not comfortable to use and their main disadvantage is a long adjustment period that can last for several weeks. In addition, these eyeglasses look old-fashioned and outdated.

In this way, toric contact lenses will allow you not only to reach the highest eyesight quality, but also will make you feel really comfortable. Their operating principle is different from traditional contact lenses and allows to get rid of any unpleasant feelings that somehow concerned with the course of astigmatism. Adaptation to toric contact lenses will not take much time – after about a couple of hours you will no longer feel them as a foreign body.

It is also significant that toric contact lenses can differ by wearing period. There are daily contact lenses and lenses of scheduled replacement.

Modern toric contact lenses have all advantages of soft contact lenses. They are are resistant to drying and have excellent oxygen transmissibility, as they were manufactured with the help of the newest materials.

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