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  • Review of multi-purpose solutions and other care products, intended for soft contact lenses


    The most common wearing schedule of soft lenses varies between one and three months. All contacts, intended for prolonged use (two-week lenses, monthly lenses, three-month lenses and etc.) require daily сare with the help of the special products.

  • Popular models of Acuvue series


    Trademark Acuvue, that belongs to Johnson & Johnson company has become the synonym of unsurpassed quality for many users all over the world.

  • Review of contact lenses Soflens 59


    If you suffer from myopia and hyperopia and want to start using soft contact lenses for eyesight correction, you should pay attention to Soflens 59

  • Daily disposable lenses Dailies Total 1 from CIBA Vision company


    If you will try to put all basic advantages of contacts Dailies Total 1 into one sentence, it will sound something like this: "Your eyes have never felt so comfortable while wearing contact lenses!"

  • Review of contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb company


    "See better. Live better" - this is how employees of the Bausch + Lomb company define their mission. Every product which is manufactured by this company has one and the same, top-priority aim - improve quality of life of each person, return him confidence in every new step and help him to enjoy qualitative life without any borders. 

  • Review of contact lenses from CIBA Vision company


     CIBA Vision company for more than thirty years has taken a leading position in the market of means of eyesight contact correction. At the same time it confidently competes with such world-famous manufacture companies as Johnson&Johnson, Alcon, and Bausch&Lomb.

  • Review of popular models of coloured contact lenses


    Coloured lenses are a perfect way to restore eyesight quality and fill every new day with bright colours. Recently, these lenses become more and more popular among people of all ages. It is also worth noting that they are not intended only for those people who have problems associated with visual organs.

  • Review of multifocal lenses


    The human eye is a complex optical system that consists of several lenses. With the years the aging process begin to  have a negative impact on all the structures of eyeball, including crystalline lens. Gradually, it's nucleus is thickened and lose the capacity of accommodation.