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Daily disposable lenses Dailies Total 1 from CIBA Vision company

If you will try to put all basic advantages of contacts Dailies Total 1 into one sentence, it will sound something like this: "Your eyes have never felt so comfortable while wearing contact lenses!"

Specialists of the Swiss company CIBA Vision for a long time manufacture products, that on the one hand incude innovative materials and technologies and meet the standards of quality and safety and on the other hand satisfy the requirements of regular customers. However, each time CIBA Vision company tries to do it's best and to leave behind all competitors. Did it manage to do it again? For many users the answer is obvious: "Сertainly, Yes!"

Comfort during the whole day with Dailies Total 1

Disposable contact lenses Dailies Total 1 with the unique structure of gradient moisture content became the next loud sensation of this brand. The outer surface of the lens is uniformly applied with 80% of moisturizing component while the inner is with 33%. "Water gradient", that is situated between these surfaces allows to supply eye cornea with a required amount of moisture during the whole day and at the same time it provides excellent gas permeability. Your eyes get all nutrients, that are necessary for healthy eyesight.

Daily lenses Dailies Total 1 are manufactured from elastic and soft silicone-hydrogel material, that can not only gives you a qualitative vision, but also ensures you with an unsurpassed wearing comfort. You can finally forget about such unpleasant feelings as burning pain or dryness and look at the world freely and with ease.

Unique smooth surface of the lenses and convenient structure allow to reach an ideal combination with delicate eye tissues and exclude friction. Perhaps this is why many users of Dailies Total 1 affirm that these means of contact correction are not felt on eyes practically. Furthermore, the results of technical tests show surprisingly high indices of eyesight quality when wearing these lenses at night.

Many experts recommend Dailies Total 1 for those people who suffer from allergy to grass or pollen, because they completely eliminate the risk of allergic conjunctivitis while eyes do not feel like in a "steel cage".

In addition to above-mentioned advantages, contacts Dailes Total 1 also can perfectly cope with the symptoms of astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia, that are probably the most widespread eye diseases of contemporaneity.

Comfortable daily wearing regimen guarantees healthy eyesight – these lenses simply have no time for accumulation of harmful protein deposits. Putting them on in the morning, you utilize them by the end of the day and on the next day use new clean pair.

There are 90 blisters with lenses in a compact and capacious package. It means that you get 45 days of qualitative and comfortable eyesight. The cost of daily disposable lenses Dailes Total 1 is slightly higher than of other means of eyesight correction with longer period of wearing. However, if we speak about quality and safety, the financial aspect passes into the background. Treat yourself with unsurpassed comfort with lenses Dailes Total 1.