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Review of contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb company

"See better. Live better" - this is how employees of the Bausch + Lomb company define their mission. Every product which is manufactured by this company has one and the same, top-priority aim - improve quality of life of each person, return him confidence in every new step and help him to enjoy qualitative life without any borders. 

Bausch + Lomb company was founded in 1853 by John Jacob Bausch (German-American) and Henry C. Lomb in Rochester, New York. These two ambitious gentleman started their business from small shop of optical instruments and devices in the provincial town of Rochester. Gradually, they had been expanding their scope of activity and by the beginning of the XX century became the largest manufacturers of products in the market of technological innovations of optical output.

Today's great assortment of specialty products of Bausch + Lomb company originates from the manufacture of Vulcanite rubber eyeglass frames and other precision vision products. By 1903 the company had already had patents for microscopes, binoculars, and a number of optical devices, whose excellent characteristics and unsurpassed quality allowed to make a real breakthrough in different areas of life. For example, first famous photographs of the Moon were created with the help of high-quality optics that were  processeb by the specialists of Bausch + Lomb company. Also, during the First World War Bausch + Lomb company supplied pilots of airplanes with special sunglasses, that did not only protect them from bright sunlight, but at the same time provided a clear  survey of the airspace.

Nowadays, Bausch + Lomb company have three directions of development. They are:

  1. Vision care division. Manufacture of contact lenses and eye-care products;

  2. Pharmaceutical division. Produces medicines for various eye diseases;

  3. Surgical division. Development and sale of aids and implants;

Manufacture of contact lenses and care products

Bausch + Lomb company manufactures all types of contact lenses with different design, wearing time, time of scheduled replacement, and also lenses without dioptres (decorative contact lenses). Moreover, experts of Bausch + Lomb company created a number of unique care products which are intended  for taking care of contact lenses. One of them - Biotrue special solution can be picked out from a large list of their production as the most popular among all users of contact lenses. The specificity of this product is in it's composition, that copies composition of natural tear completely and for this reason it has all necessary wetting agents and is absolutely safe for your eye health.

Manufacture pharmaceutical preparations

This category of products includes preparations which are intended for medical treatment of wide spectrum of ophthalmologic diseases – eye drops, original and generic medicaments, that can be used with and without medical prescription.

Specializing in products concerned with vitreoretinal surgery

Artificial lens-implant Crystalens was invented in laboratories of Bausch + Lomb company and can be used instead of the original crystalline lens (natural rystalline lens can be changed with artificial) to return excellent eyesight quality at all distances (near, middle and far). It copies natural mechanisms of functioning of crystalline lens, can move and focus on necessary objects.

Furthermore, Bausch + Lomb company produces intraocular lenses, phacoemulsification systems, various surgical instruments and devices.

In that way, Bausch + Lomb company started it's path as a small shop in a quiet province, but in the course of time has changed into one of the largest corporations with multibillion turnover and a huge number of employees all around the world in numerous branch offices. High quality and reliability of products of Bausch + Lomb company allowed to brainchild of two ambitious Americans to become a serious competitor to such giant companies as Johnson & Johnson, CIBA Vision and CooperVision.

The folllowing review will be devoted to contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb company – as it was mentioned earlier, one of the most popular product in market of contact correction of eyesight, which have already recommend themselves as qualitative and safe way to return excellent eyesight.

Daily contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb company

It is well known fact that daily contact lenses are the most hygienic and safe method of contact correction of eyesight. They will be perfectly suit for novices, which have never use contact lenses before, because these lenses do not require time for adaptation (like other contact lenses). Daily contact lenses can be alternated with ordinary eyeglasses and take for long business trips.

Daily contact lenses Biotrue ONE day were made with the help of innovative material, that is called HyperGel. This material provides excellent oxygen permeability and also contains moisturizing element in it's structure, which minimizes the risk of dehydration.


High Definition optics provides accurate and clear vision in low light conditions and corrects spherical aberrations, reduces the number of highlights and halos.

Moreover, Biotrue ONE day contact lenses interact perfectly with delicate eye tissues and provide comfort during the day. That is why these contact lenses have merited their right to take place in list of technologically significant products.

Aspheric daily contact lenses Soflens Daily Disposable are also a very unique product. Ultrathin and smooth, the do not require any adaptation and can be used even by novices. Many users note an incredible comfort while wearing these contact lenses, because thaey are not felt practically on the eyes and do not require your constant attention.

Special material Hilafilcon B and the use of ComfortMoist technology allow these contact lenses to provide eye tissues with required moistening that is necessary for eye health and is also very comfortable for wearing. Improved aspherical optics guarantees clear and qualitative vision.

Monthly contact lenses

Monthly contact lenses PureVision have become the first silicone-hydrogel contact lenses with aspherical design. The combination of silicone and hydrogel material provides a high level of oxygen permeability that is necessary for healthy eyesight. And, besides, PureVision contact lenses contain required moistening element and for this reason they are less inclined to the process of dehydration.

The main advantages of PureVision contact lenses:

  • comfortable prolonged or continuous wearing regimen;

  • high moisture content and excellent oxygen permeability;

  • clear vision in the night time;

  • comfortable use during the whole wearing period.

PureVision 2 HD contact lenses have become the next important development of Bausch + Lomb company. These lenses are intended for prolonged wearing and at the same time have ultrathin design, that makes them really comfortable in use and, what is more important, it finally helps you to get rid of unpleasant feeling of foreign body on eye cornea. In contast to PureVision contact lenses, the new model has special ComfortMoist technology that was mentioned earlier. High definition optics will allow you to feel an outstanding quality of picture.

These contact lenses were made from silicone-hydrogel material, which currently has no analogues. Thanks to it your eyes can breathe and feel free during the whole period of wearing. Specialists can recommend you PureVision 2 HD contact lenses for continuous and uninterrupted wearing over a certain time period (twenty-four-hour use), because the structure of these lenses allows them to provide eye cornea with an oxygen even while you sleep and prevents your eyes from unpleasant symptoms of corneal edema or eye reddening.

The next step in improving of PureVision contact lenses was the addition of toric design in their structure, that provides qualitative vision for people with symptoms of astigmatism. That was how famous PureVision 2 HD for Astigmatism contact lenses have been invented.

Also, to all above-mentioned useful qualities of new model of PureVision 2 HD toric contact lenses was added a unique Auto Align Design, that have an ability to stabilize you eyesight at any time, in any weather conditions as well as to reduce the image blur while moving quickly.

SofLens is another series of contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb company and it is also very popular among all users of means of eyesight contact correction. In particular, the following several models should be noted: SofLens Comfort (SofLens 59), SofLens Natural Colors and SofLens 66 Toric.

The highest quality of SofLens Comfort (SofLens 59) contact lenses was appreciated by many people all over the world. The smooth surface of these contact lenses is resistant to protein deposits and this feature is extremely important for contact lenses with such a long wearing period. Spherical monthly contact lenses SofLens Comfort are manufactured with the use of UnFit unique technology, that helps to reach unsurpassed feeling of comfort while wearing - elastic and thin, they are not felt on eyes practically. Moreover, the edges of these contact lenses have a tint of light blue colour, which was added for easy use and care and  is invisible when leses are put on.

Many people note that these lenses are beyond the comparison, because of their price and quality, and so if you have tried them even once, you will never want to use something else instead.

SofLens 66 Toric monthly contact lenses were specially developed and are intended for people who suffer from various symptoms of astigmatism. These contact lenses have unique design of back surface, that improves visual acuity.

Thanks to unique Lo-Torque design contact lenses provide a high level of stabilization on eyeball. Beautiful lens fit is the result of stabilizing geometry of prismatic ballast.

SofLens 66 Toric contact lenses are manufactured from Alphafilcon A special material, which contains 66% of water. Because of the high moisture content these lenses are vey comfortable and safe in wearing. Also, they have high resistance to protein deposits. Finally, their light blue colour facilitates their use and care greatly.

SofLens Natural Colors became a continuation of this series. These coloured contact lenses are intended for wearing period up to three months. Rich colour palette of SofLens Natural Colors contact lenses allows you to select your own unique colour or tint, that will be able to emphasize your individuality in the best way. Bright, natural colours can change the way you look like completely or just deepen or lighten it.

Created on the basis of Optima contact lenses, the are absolutely safe, because of the technology that does not allow colour pigment to get to the delicate tissue of eye cornea.

Three-month lenses from Bausch + Lomb company

Optima FW contact lenses is the best solution for those people who want to restore qualitative eyesight and to feel confidence in every new step.

Unique structure of these contact lenses has high level of oxygen permeability and low moisture content. Furthermore, smooth surface of the lenses is resistant to protein deposits, which are accumulated on the surface during wearing. These contact lenses are intended for wearing period of up to three months, and so they need constant care and safe keeping in special containers.

For the production of Optima FW contact lenses specialists from Bausch + Lomb company used special centrifugal casting technology. These contact lenses can move on eyes freely, what provides qualitative picture and unsurpassed comfort.

The main advantages of Optima FW contact lenses are:

  • wearing comfort;

  • scheduled replacement every three months;

  • easy use.

Specialists from Bausch + Lomb company do not stop on achieved results and continue their researches, aimed to improve their production with new developments and finally make the life of every user better and brighter.