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Review of contact lenses Soflens 59

If you suffer from myopia and hyperopia and want to start using soft contact lenses for eyesight correction, you should pay attention to Soflens 59

They have spherical design, that helps to exclude interaction between lens and upper eyelid while blinking. As a result, user does not experience any unpleasant feelings, his eyes does not get tired and enjoy the comfort.

Peculiarities of contacts Soflens 59

Contact lenses of this model are manufactured in a rather broad optical range - from -0,5 to + 6,0 dioptres in increments of one fourth of dioptre. Taking into account that full correction of myopia requires the use of lenses with less optical power than at spectacle correction, monthly lenses Soflens can be used for removal of myopia of up to -12,0 dioptres.

Lenses Soflens 59 are produced by Bausch&Lomb company. They replaced another model in the market of means of eyesight correction – Soflens Comfort. Do not confuse Soflens 59 with lenses Soflens 66, that were also produced earlier and had different characteristics.

Contacts Soflens 59 are manufactured with the use of polymerization technology from special material Hilafilcon B. This material belongs to the class of hydrogels and to the second group in the classification of FDA. It's index of hydrophilicity (moisture content) is 59%. Elastic modulus, that determines the degree of softness and stiffness of contact lenses, corresponds to the average value for the materials of this group of hydrogels. The main distinguishing feature of Hilafilcon B is in it's high resistance to protein and other deposits, that provides comfortable and safe wearing.

At the optical power in three dioptres, the thickness of central part of lens is 0,14 mm., while gas permeability, that is, the ability to pass oxygen is 22 units.

Special technology, that is called as UniFit, is used in the process of manufacture of contacts Soflens 59 to make them even more comfortable for every user. This technology provides uniform distribution of mass of optical disks, reduces the thickness of their edges and ensures a smooth transition to asymmetrical zone. It is not only improves vision quality, but also significantly facilitates the procedure of fitting and removing of lenses. Moreover, the edge zone is produced with the presence of tangential bevel to reduce the thickness of edges.

Easy use, excellent quality and affordable price allow to recommend these optical discs for both beginners and experienced users.

Contacts Soflens 59 are available with radius of curvature of 8,6 mm. and with diameter of 14,2 mm. When selecting lenses, it is important to consider not only their optical power, but also their conformity with the parameters of user's eyeballs. The fact is that properly selected radius of curvature guarantees correct fittting of contact lens on the eye cornea while the diameter of optical power responds for the quality and clearness of transmitted picture.

These lenses have a slight blue tint. Because of this, some people mistakenly believe that they can change natural eye colour as coloured or tinted contacts. In fact, this tinting is required only to facilitate manipulations with lenses and does not affect on the color of the iris.

The manufacturer recommends to wear eye lenses Soflens 59 only in day-time regimen and replace them every month. Also, it is recommended to use multifunctional solutions of ReNu series for constant care  of them. But if you have very sensitive eyes or suffer from allergic reactions, it is possible to realize an additional disinfection of lenses with the help of the peroxide systems from well-known manufacturers.

Each lens is packaged in a sterile blister with saline. Each package of Soflens 59 contains six blisters, that is, six lenses.

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