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Review of multi-purpose solutions and other care products, intended for soft contact lenses

The most common wearing schedule of soft lenses varies between one and three months. All contacts, intended for prolonged use (two-week lenses, monthly lenses, three-month lenses and etc.) require daily сare with the help of the special products.

Daily care of contact lenses includes mechanical cleaning (for elimination of protein deposits), disinfection, lubrication and storage in lens case, filled with lens solution for required time period (usually during the night-time).

The invention of multi-purpose solutions has significantly simplified the process of contact lens care. Moreover, there are a lot of multi-purpose solutions nowadays, that completely exclude mechanical cleaning. These solutions have "No Rub" mark (without mechanical cleaning). They  noticeably reduce the time, required for daily care, but can not be used with all types of contact lenses (for example, with lenses, intended for prolonged wearing). It is highly recommended to consult with the professional ophthalmologist before using above mentioned care solutions. In most cases multi-purpose solutions are used with monthly and two-week lenses. Unfortunately, if you prefer to wear contacts with longer replacement schedule, you can not exclude the stage of mechanical cleaning.

If you use contacts, intended for prolonged wearing, you should add special enzymatic cleaners (cleaning tablets) to your lens solution. It will help to remove harmful protein and lipid deposits from the lens surface and will protect your visual organs from irritation, reddening and various infections. Enzymatic tablets can be used for up to 4 times a month (according to the doctor's prescription). Customers note that it is much more convenient to use these tablets with cylindrical lens cases. In contrast to ordinary lens cases, cylindrical cases can hold both lenses at one time. You should fill your lens case with the solution, dissolve one or more tablets in it and place your contacts for the period between 15 and 120 minutes (depending on the contamination level). Next, you should rinse your lenses and place them in the lens case, filled with fresh solution. There are also special enzymatic solutions, that should be used along with lens solution. Add 5 drops of enzymatic solution in your lens solution and place you lenses in it for 2-9 hours. Then rinse them and place in the lens case with fresh solution.

Now, let's take a closer look at each of the solutions, that are available at Online-Shop Ecolens.ch. It is worth noting that we are always trying to provide our customers with a wide range of contact lenses and care products, allowed for sale in the territory of Switzerland.
  Multi-purpose solution Renu MultiPlus from Bausch & Lomb is one of the most popular lens care products nowadays. It ensures comfortable and safe wearing of all types of soft lenses. The solution has high indices of disinfection and is approved by such world organizations as FDA and ISO. The use of this lens solution completely excludes the stage of mechanical cleaning (No Rub), what, in it's turn, significantly saves your time. It is important to note that the composition of Renu MultiPlus includes biguanide Dymed, Hydranate and poloxamine. The same components are included in the composition of lens solution Renu Multi-Purpose Solution with a balanced pH level, intended for those people who suffer from increased eye sensitivity.
  Biocompatible lens solution MAXIMA belongs to the third generation of care solutions, intended for soft contact lenses. It's main advantages are in it's cleaning and moisturizing properties. The solution contains active ingredient Remopro and Polyhexanide, known as excellent disinfectant. These components ensure both comfortable wearing and effective disinfection of medical lenses. In addition, they completely remove protein and lipid deposits, that accumulate on the lens surface in the process of use. Thanks to the balanced pH lenses, the solution can be used even by those people who suffer from increased eye sensitivity. Moreover, it helps to maintain a sufficient amount of water on the lens surface during the whole period of wearing and protect user's eyes from dehydration. This product is convenient in handling, has a big list of effective properties and excellent price.
  Next, let's take a closer look at multi-purpose lens solution SOLO-care PLUS from CIBA Vision company. The solution also allows to exclude mechanical cleaning and rinsing - just place your contact lenses in the solution for at least 4 hours and enjoy your favourite activities. If you decided to conduct mechanical cleaning and rinsing, you can use your eye lenses right after these procedures. The composition of care solution SOLO-care PLUS includes patented component AquaLub, that can both moisten lenses and protect them from the accumulation of protein deposits. It also includes Bis-Tris Propane, that intensifies the disinfectant properties of polyhexanide. The combination of Bis-Tris Propane, poloxamer 407 and EDTA helps to remove protein deposits more efficiently. All these components provide TurboCleaning action. The result – deep cleaning and qualitative disinfection.
  The solution Complete Comfort Plus from AMO (Allergan) company ensures unsurpassed wearing comfort of contact lenses. It automatically removes protein deposits from the lens surface and contains emollient component. In addition, this lens solution is multi-purpose and so it can be used with all types of soft contacts. It is worth noting, that COMPLETE ComfortPLUS is the only multi-purpose solution, that contains НРМС - innovative agent, that can perfectly retain moisture. The agent envelops your lenses and ensures their comfortable and safe wearing even in dry atmosphere (and even if you use contact, intended for prolonged wearing). It's composition includes: polyhexamethylene biguanide, poloxamer, EDTA and HPMC. It is important to mention one outstanding advantage of this solution - COMPLETE ComfortPLUS contains special emollient component, that envelops the lens with invisible film and creates moisturizing and softening layer. Moreover, it helps to get rid of such unpleasant symptoms as irritation and dryness, associated with constant wearing of means of eyesight correction.
  Care solution Complete Moisture Plus is a new product from AMO (Allergan) company. Thanks to this lens solution, your contact lenses will retain their optical properties for the whole period of use. In contast to other multi-purpose solutions, that clean and moisten eye lenses only from their surface, Complete Moisture Plus penetrates into the matrix of lenses, cleans and moistens them from the inside. Increased moisturizing properties of care solution Complete Moisture Plus allow to create special moisture layer, that supplement the natural tear film and provide visual organs with additional protection against dryness and strain. Besides that, this lens solution contains high-potent antioxidant taurine. The composition of Complete Moisture Plus includes not only those components, that was used in the manufacture of above mentioned care solution Complete Comfort Plus, but also such approved components as: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, amino acid taurine and intrauterine moisturizer propylene glycol. At the same time, EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), that often causes allergic reactions, constitutes only 0.02%. of the composition of Complete Moisture Plus. Moisturizer hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) is a time-proved ophthalmological agent, used to soften eye irritation. When you place your contacts in the lens case, filled with the solution Complete Moisture Plus, HPMC is adsorbed on the surface of the lenses and retains moisture in their matrix. During the day HPMC gradually releases moisture, that supplements the function of natural tears and provide the corneal surface with additional lubrication. Taurine is the basic amino acid in eye tissues and tear film. It stabilizes the tear film and provides antioxidant protection of the eyes. Moreover, taurine prevents the denaturation of proteins and histamine release, and reduces eye pruritus. Propylene glycol (PG) - molecule that moves freely in a matrix of soft contact lenses. When you place your eye lenses in care solution Complete Moisture Plus, propylene glycol penetrates into the matrix of contacts and maintains the sufficient level of hydrophilicity. Propylene glycol is used in many preparations for treatment of various symptoms of eye dryness. The combination of HPMC, taurine and propylene glycol ensures unsurpassed  wearing comfort of contact lenses.
  Progressive care system CyClean No Rub No Rinse from English manufacturer Sauflon company is intended for all types of contact lenses. It contains a patented active ingredient Biopol for more effective disinfection, cleaning and increased comfort, and is ideal for sensitive eyes. The solution does not require mechanical cleaning and rinsing before disinfection. The action of active component Biopol is based on the breaking of chemical bond protein-calcium and lipid dispersion from deposits on the lens surface. The Sauflon company has developed patented cylindrical lens case Cyclone, that is included in each package with the solution. The solution is sterilized with the help of filtration method.
  Peroxide care solution One Step from Sauflon company does not contain preservatives and is intended for cleaning, disinfecting, neutralizing and storing of all types of soft contacts.The package with the solution includes special lens case with catalytic disc, that can be used for 35 days (professional ophthalmologists recommend to replace it once a month). If you prefer to wear lenses with increased replacement schedule, it is better to use this care solution along with enzymatic tablets Sauflon Trizyme. In this way, disinfection may be combined with deep cleaning from protein deposits. The disinfection time is at least 6 hours.
  Multi-purpose solution High Fresh + from Italian company Esoform S.p.A. is manufactured with the help of asepsis and is intended for those people who suffer from increased eye sensitivity. The process of effective cleaning takes less than 5-7 minutes! Thanks to the synergism of it's ingredients  and the presence of new components, lens care solution High Fresh +  has excellent disinfective and protective properties. It is also important to note that High Fresh + is isotonic and isohydric solution, that have high level of biocompatibility and so it is recommended for people with increased eye sensitivity. Effective detergent and proteo-mucolytic component ensures deep moistening of contact lenses and their comfortable wearing during the whole period of use.
  Care solution Aqua SOFT Comfort+ No Rub from Spanish manufacturer Avizor serves for cleaning, disinfection, storage, rinsing, lubrication and removing of protein deposits. The composition of this multi-purpose solution includes: isotonic and sterile solution, buffer, polihexanide, poloxamer, EDTA, polyvinylpyrrolidone, and agent that removes proteins.
  The assortment of Sauflon company also includes lens care solution Classic One. It is intended for cleaning, rinsing, disinfection, moistening, lubrication and storage of contact lenses. Contains polihexanide.
  Multi-purpose solution for daily care of contact lenses ALL IN ONE LIGHT is manufactured by Sauflon company and is extremely popular among those people that have sensitive eyes. It can be used for cleaning, rinsing, storage, disinfection, removing of protein deposits and lubrication of all types of eye lenses. Minimal disinfection time – 4 hours.
  Lens solution Classic Ultra from Italian manufacturer Sauflon company is one of the most popular care agents for daily cleaning, disinfection and storage of contact lenses. The main peculiarity of this product is in it's ability to eliminate protein and lipid deposits from the lens surface. Classic Light Professional is another one qualitative lens solution, intended for cleaning, disinfecting and storing of medical lenses. Professional ophthalmologists often recommnend to use this care solution along with enzymatic tablets Classic Light Professional as an effective way to get rid of all the harmful microbes, that accumulate on the lens surface while wearing. The tablets are compatible with all types of contact lens solutions, produced by famous manufacturers. It is important to note that all the care products from this series are made in Italy, from qualitative components, at the factory of pharmaceutical company Sincom, that for nowadays is one of the leading manufacturers of care products for contact lenses.
  The peroxide lens solution Aosept PLUS from CIBA Vision company can be used for cleaning, disinfection and storage of all types of contacts. Peroxide agents have been always considered as "the gold standard" in the sphere of contact lens care. Aosept PLUS can perfectly cope with the elimination of harmful deposits that accumulate on the surface of eye lenses while wearing. The solution is extremely popular among those people who suffer from allergic reactions or increased eye sensitivity. It does not contain preservatives, does not cause eye irritation and ensures the highest level of disinfection, that is inaccessible for many modern multi-purpose solutions. The unique one-stage care system completely excludes the necessity for mechanical cleaning, rinsing and additional use of enzymatic tablets. Original catalytic platinum disc ensures reliable disinfection of contacts and complete neutralization of hydrogen peroxide during the 6 hours. It significantly increases wearing comfort and visual characteristics of eye lenses.
  Multi-purpose solution OPTEE-FREE Express from American company Alcon is in great demand nowadays. The use of this lens care solution completely excludes mechanical cleaning. It can perfectly cope with the elimination of protein deposits (as well as bacteria, fungi, and acanthameba), has unsurpassed cleaning and moisturizing properties. In addition, OPTEE-FREE Express ensures intensive disifection of all types of soft (hydrophilic) contacts (thanks to antimicrobial component ALDOX). This unique product is all you need for daily care of eye lenses.