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Review of popular models of coloured contact lenses

Coloured lenses are a perfect way to restore eyesight quality and fill every new day with bright colours. Recently, these lenses become more and more popular among people of all ages. It is also worth noting that they are not intended only for those people who have problems associated with visual organs.

Not so long ago, manufacturers put non-dioptric coloured contacts into mass production. Such lenses are absolutely safe for eye health and can zest everyone's life.

It is really easy to get entangled with wide variety of colours and designs. In most cases the person does not even know how the properties of the particular tint will transform his or her look. On the other hand, some colours may not fit in with your style.

Many experts advise to take into account several important points before making a purchase of coloured lenses. Always follow colour compatibility charts and consider the peculiarities of your appearance and cosmetics when selecting decorative contacts. Lens colour should harmonize with:

  • hair colour;

  • colour and style of clothes;

  • colour of jewelry and accessories;

  • make-up tone.

Some people even go further and select coloured contacts in combination with buttons colour of dress or shirt.

Today, thanks to varying wearing schedule (from one day to a year), you can change the "content" of your eyes every day or conversely, continue to enjoy your favourite tint.

So, what colour to choose? In this review we will consider the features of every colour, draw attention to the problem of compatibility of decorative lenses with individual characteristics of appearance and will try to get acquainted with the most popular brands.

Light blue lenses

It is not a secret that blue eyes are a standard of beauty for many people. Coloured contacts are able to approach everyone to it and make the look fresher and more romantic. Light blue lenses will be suitable for both light and dark eye colours. The experts especially emphasize the combination with gray and brown eyes.

These lenses are universal in use and can be worn for any occasion – work, sports, dates, - there are no limitations.

For example, сoloured contact lenses from OKVision company, that are very popular nowadays. FUSION series includes a unique technology in the structure of it's lenses, that allows to save the natural depth of a look and enhance the color of light and dark eyes. They have excellent indices of water content and oxygen permeability. Moreover, these lenses are not felt on eyes practically and provide unsurpassed comfort during the whole period of use (for up to 90 days). The series includes several tints of light blue.
The name of coloured contacts from Adore series speaks for itself and is translated as “charm” from  Italian. EyeMed company has made sure that their light blue lenses would be capable to attract and fascinate everyone, just like the sea surface. These comfortable and safe lenses are produced in the unique designer's package.

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Dark blue and turquoise contact lenses

Dark blue and turquoise colours are also very popular and have similar characteristics with light blue lenses. The experts often recommend them to people with brown and blue eyes. However, in some cases they do not look good on natural blue eye colour. It is also worth noting that turquoise tint has an ability to combine perfectly with fair hair and skin.

The rich colour palette of contact lenses Adria Color 3 tone allows to select the most suitable decorative contacts for every person. Dark blue and turquoise colours are also presented in the products of this series. The hydrogel composition of these eye lenses permits to experience freshness and comfort during the whole wearing period. The peculiarities of lens structure help to supply eyes with the required amount of nutrients, contained in the oxygen.

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Hazel contact lenses

It is well-known that hazel colour is very soft and attractive. It is a little bit similar to yellow and gold lenses by it's properties. Hazel contacts can be worn both in warm and cold seasons. This colour is less common in nature than the others and so it is very popular among all users of contact lenses. Hazel tint will look great on people who have dark hair and swarthy skin.

These lenses are able to lighten your image and make your appearance more conspicuous.

Contact lenses ACUVUE 2 COLOURS Opaques from famous company Johnson & Johnson also have hazel colour in it's series. Thanks to it's unique structure, three tint layers of these contacts can perfectly imitate the natural colour of the iris.

Another famous company, that is called as CIBA Vision, presents you decorative hazel lenses from outstanding series FreshLook One Day. They are intended for one-day use only and so they are very  hygienic and do not require the use of any additional care products and accessories. You can change  them every day and enjoy pleasant emotions.

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Yellow and gold contact lenses

Add warm tones of yellow to your image or make it really fairy with gold tint – is it not the best way to fill your life with bright colours? These lenses can tell the people around you about the best aspects of your personality and help you to find new friends and admirers.

The gold colour has a lot of positive characteristics. People with natural gold eye colour are usually very confident, purposeful and successful. Yellow colour, in it's turn, is very warm, soft and can be worn at all times of the year.

Yellow colour is also presented in the series of contact lenses from CIBA Vision company. Decorative contacts  FreshLook ColorBlends are manufactured with the help of the unique “three in one” technology. Three different patterns, that consist of various colours, create natural eye colour, that looks great at any time of the day. These lenses are suitable both for parties and everyday use.

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Violet contact lenses

Violet colour do not occur in nature and so it can make your image really mysterious. In recent years, these lenses became incredibly popular among all users of decorative contacts. Tints of amethyst, lavender and orchid are the most interesting and widespread. If you are not afraid of experiments, violet lenses are exactly what you need.

Lenses of this colour will be suitable for almost everyone, but they will look really great on the natural brown eye colour. Violet lenses are presented in the series of contact lenses Fresh Look Colors from CIBA Vision company. You will always be in the high light with this wonderful accessory. It will add an incredible depth and mystery to your everyday image with the help of the unique lens structure.

Belmore Contact company creates means of eyesight contact correction on the basis of new technologies, that involve the introduction of pigment in the lens material and help to prevent the contact of this pigment with eye cornea at the same time. These lenses can give a shine and depth to your look. You can change your image anytime you want, depending on your mood and style.

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Pink contact lenses

If you got tired of natural colour of your eyes and want to refresh your look, pink contact lenses will fit perfectly to your image. They look great on both light and dark eye and hair colours,but especially on blondes with fair skin. These lense can be worn for such occasions as parties, holidays and romantic dates. Pink is the colour of tenderness, lightness and unearthly purity. Put these contacts on and experience your incredible transformation – start to see the world through rose-coloured lenses!

Australian company GelFlex included the pigment based on mica in the structure of contact lenses Nindaloo Sparkling. As the name implies, they have an outstanding ability to “sparkle” on eyes. Your friends and relativies will note that your lenses are shimmering with rainbow colours, especially in good lighting conditions. Another important advantage is the effect of depth, that is reached by the unique properties of natural mica (it's particles have high refractive index).

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Green contact lenses

The symbolism of green colour is very rich and has many meanings. Most often, this colour is associated with freshness and natural energy. If you decided to purchase these lenses, it may mean that you have need for changes and are not afraid of any obstacles in your path.

Green lenses can become an ideal choice for brown-haired and red-haired persons. They also combine great with dark gray and light brown eyes.

One of the leading manufacturers of means of contact correction – OKVision company presents it's popular series of coloured contacts, that is called as FUSION. They are manufactured with the use of the special technology of applying the paint on the inner surface of the lens. These lenses are very safe, comfortable and can not only deepen the “content” of light eyes, but also harmoniously complement the colour of dark eyes.

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Grey contact lenses

Grey is considered as dull and dark colour by many people. This misconception has been dispelled over time. Thanks to the efforts of designers and experts, grey contact lenses have become very popular nowadays.

As a combination of two classical colours - black and white - gray is an important attribute of business style. Grey lenses, such as Johnson & Johnson ACUVUE 2 COLOURS Opaques, will organically fit into the image of every person and will be appropriate for any occasion (because of their universality). Their conservatism and chastity have earned great popularity in the world. In addition, grey contact lenses may have an unusual design, that can transform you or make you image more romantic.

Grey is also presented in the series of contact lenses from Neo Vision company. The unique structure of these lenses can enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. And besides, in many cases an unusual design and pattern of grey contacts will be able to convey the whole palette of your feelings.

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Black contact lenses

In recent years black contact lenses have become very popular accessory among women of all ages. The presence or absence of dioptres makes them available for everyone. The classical black colour will always remain relevant in spite of any changes in the world of fashion. Thanks to their universal design, these lenses will be suitable for almost every person. Black contacts can not only improve your vision, but also change your eye colour radically.

Black contact lenses are designed for passionate and emotional people and will make their look more expressive.

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Brown contact lenses

Many people are justifiably proud of their brown eye colour. But what can be done by those who only dream about it? The answer is very simple – they can use brown-tinted decorative contact lenses. Today, these contacts are available for everyone and it does not matter if you have any problems, associated with eyesight or just want to use coloured lenses for cosmetic purposes. Dioptric and non-dioptric brown lenses are both presented in the market.

Interojo company, that was mentioned above, released coloured contact lenses Adria Glamorous. Brown colour takes it's rightful place in the series. A unique structure of these contacts will be able to protect your delicate eye tissues from dryness and any other unpleasant feelings, that can be experienced while wearing. This outstanding proprty is achieved by moisture absorbent Sodium Hyaluronate.

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Nowadays it is not really hard to find the desired colour or tint of contact lenses. Technologies are constantly improving and it means that the production of means of eyesight contact correction is improving too. Please note that the photographs do not give a complete picture of the colour. The final result may be different.

However, you should always remember, that if you want to select the most suitable decorative lenses, it is better to consult with the professional ophthalmologist at first. Only qualified specialist is able to give you a full assessment of your eye condition and  will help you to make the right choice.