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The specialists of Baush + Lomb company present the first silicone-hydrogel contact lenses with aspherical design of the front surface, which provide user with a qualitative eyesight and correct spherical aberrations (in other words, distortions). These contacts are called as PureVision.

High index of visual acuity, as well as maximum resistance to deposits on the lens surface, which accumulate during the period of wearing, are ensured by a unique surface treatment system, that is known under the name of Performa.

The combination of hydrogel and silicone materials provides high index of oxygen permeability, which is very important for healthy eyesight. In addition, contact lenses PureVision have the required amount of moisturizing element and, in contrast to their analogues, these lenses are less inclined to dehydration.

Comfortable regimen of use allows to wear them during the whole month without taking off before going to bed. Eye cornea is supplied with an oxygen even when the eyelid  is closed, because of the thin and flexible structure of this model of lens. Moreover, user continues to see the surrounding objects clearly and distinctly in spite of the low light conditions – at night time or in poorly lit areas.

Users of monthly lenses PureVision from Baush + Lomb company usually note four main advantages of this model of means of eyesight contact correction. They are:

  • comfortable prolonged or continuous (uninterrupted) wearing regimen;

  • high index of moisture content and excellent oxygen permeability;

  • clear vision in low light conditions;

  • safe wearing during the whole period of use.

Remember that the selection of contact lenses is carried out under the medical supervision of professional ophthalmologist.

Shipping time: 7 Business Days
Product Type: Contact lenses
Wear Schedule: Daily, Prolonged
Replacement: Every month
DIA: 14
Center Thickness (mm): 0.09
Water Content (%): 36
Manufacturer: Ireland
Design: Aspherical
Prescription: Optical
Lens Material: Balafilkon A
Series: PureVision
Manufacturer: Bausch + Lomb
Disinfection method: Chemical, Peroxide
FDA: Group lll
Manufacturing methods: Molding with surface working
Dk/t: 110
Inversion indicator, Visible in solution
How to read your contact lens prescription

PureVision 6-Pack

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