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SofLens Comfort (SofLens 59)

Absolute comfort


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Baush + Lomb company is one of the world leaders in the sphere of manufacture of means of eyesight contact correction and care products. It is famous for the highest quality of it's production. Spherical contact lenses of monthly replacement SofLens Comfort (Soflens 59) are a good proof of that.

Contacts SofLens Comfort (Soflens 59) have slim design and smooth surface. In addition, they can perfectly resist to protein deposits, which can have a negative influence not only on quality of transmitted picture, but also on the eye health of the user.

Unique technology, that is called as UnFit, allows to reach unsurpassed feeling of comfort while wearing - elastic and thin, these contacts are not felt on eyes completely.

For easy use these contact lenses are painted in light blue colour.

Unique peculiarities of eyesight lenses SofLens Comfort (SofLens 59):

  • excellent quality/price ratio;

  • tinting for easy use;

  • resistance to protein deposits.

Remember that the selection of contact lenses is carried out under the medical supervision of professional ophthalmologist.

Shipping time: 7 Business Days
Product Type: Contact lenses
Wear Schedule: Daily
Replacement: Every month
DIA: 14.2
Center Thickness (mm): 0.14
Water Content (%): 59
Manufacturer: Ireland
Design: Spherical
Prescription: Optical
Lens Material: hilafilkon B
Series: SofLens
Manufacturer: Bausch + Lomb
Disinfection method: Chemical, Peroxide
FDA: Group ll
Manufacturing methods: Improved molding method
Dk/t: 15.7
Colourless, Visible in solution, Availability: In Stock
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SofLens Comfort (SofLens 59) 6-Pack

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