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  • Contact lenses and allergic eye disease


    Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) conducted a survey of people suffering from  the symptoms of allergic eye disease and wearing contact lenses. It was attended by 800 people. The results showed:

  • What is lens fitting


    Some time after the beginning of wearing of contact lenses patients come again to their refractionist and complain about vision deterioration, the feeling of "floating" lens in the eye. Most of these complaints are related with the improper selection of contact lenses, that is with the mismatch between the base curve radius and the convexit...

  • Mondottica International company began to produce coloured lenses Anna Sui


    Mondottica International company had launched a platform Mondottica Vision and began to produce designer's coloured contacts Anna Sui on it's factories in Taiwan and South Korea.

  • Contact lenses Focus Night and Day helped to conquer Everest


    Sean Swarner became the first person in the world, who could not only defeat such terrible disease as cancer, but also conquer the world's highest peak – Mount Everest. It is a well-known fact that this inaccessible mountain is one of the most hostile places on the planet. Especially because of it's climate. Wind speed here can go up ...

  • Hand soap and dry eye syndrome


    Many users of contact lenses consider that the feeling of dryness, that can be experienced by them at the end of the day, is associated with wearing of means of eyesight correction. And sometimes they do not discuss it even with their doctor. Finally, they have to either suffer from discomfort or abandon the use of contacts.

  • Contact lenses with telescopic effect


    Scientists from Switzerland decided to create special contact lenses with telescopic effect, that consists in the possibility to increase or decrease scale of visible picture almost instantaneously.

  • Spring ultraviolet attacks our eyes!


    Many people are waiting for the spring-summer season with great impatience. With the coming of warm and sunny days we begin to walk, go in for sports, relax on the nature and visit beaches regularly. However, the more sunny days, the more influence ultraviolet rays have on our visual organs.

  • Creator of coloured contact lenses


    Coloured contact lenses are very popular among millions of people worldwide. Despite this fact, there are few people who know that Samuel Loshaek is their creator.

  • Contact lenses with build-in UV-filter


    Do not think that ultraviolet radiation can harm your eyes only on sunny summer days. In fact, our organs of vision require year-round protection from ultraviolet rays. The point is that the ultraviolet radiation of the sun reaches the surface of our planet even in winter and then it is reflected from the snow layer and gets into the eyes, ...

  • Contact lenses Biotrue ONE day - take a fresh look at the world


    Eyesight lenses Biotrue ONEday are manufactured by the world famous company Bausch + Lomb. They are intended for day-time wearing and should be replaced every day.