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Contact lenses Biotrue ONE day - take a fresh look at the world

Eyesight lenses Biotrue ONEday are manufactured by the world famous company Bausch + Lomb. They are intended for day-time wearing and should be replaced every day.

Contacts Biotrue ONE day are produced from innovative materials with unique properties of HyperGel. It's moisture content is about 78%, what is equal to natural level of moistening of eye cornea. In addition, the matrix surface of these means of contact correction can perfectly imitate the fat layer of the tear film, the main function of which is to ptotect eyes from dryness. By it's dehydration stability this brand of contact lenses has no analogues.

Another advantage of disposable lenses Biotrue ONE day is their low modulus of elasticity, that guarantees comfortable wearing. Sufficiently high rate of oxygen permeability excludes hypoxic damage of the cornea (on condition that you wear optical discs properly).

At the same time these lenses can ensure absolutely clear and healthy eyesight, because they completely eliminate halos and glares.

In that way, daily lenses Biotrue ONE day provide user with not only an excellent vision quality, but also with a high level of safety and confort.