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Contact lenses Focus Night and Day helped to conquer Everest

Sean Swarner became the first person in the world, who could not only defeat such terrible disease as cancer, but also conquer the world's highest peak – Mount Everest. It is a well-known fact that this inaccessible mountain is one of the most hostile places on the planet. Especially because of it's climate. Wind speed here can go up to 150 km / h while atmospherical temperature varies from exhausting heat to penetrating cold. It is obvious that such climatic conditions can have a negative impact on the health of visual organs.

However, Sean Swarner could not be afraid about his eyes, because he had used contact lenses for extended wear Focus Night&Day.

They were prescribed to the mountaineer by refractionist Cleve Armstrong, who specializes in the study of the question of how mountain climbing affects eye condition. The doctor explains his choice of the brand of contact lenses for Sean Swarner with the following words: “I stopped on the lenses for extended wear, because Sean could inevitably have problems concerned with necessity of constant and  thorough care for traditional contact lenses”.

The advantages of contacts for extended wear Focus Night&Day were also noticed by the mountaineer: “Thanks to them I did not worry about care and replacement of lenses at all. Moreover, at such low temperatures any solutions would become frozen. At the same time I could not use ordinary eyeglasses, because their lenses have an unpleasant and dangerous feature to become misted and significantly reduce eyesight quality”.