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Contact lenses with build-in UV-filter - eye protection all the year round

Do not think that ultraviolet radiation can harm your eyes only on sunny summer days. In fact, our organs of vision require year-round protection from ultraviolet rays. The point is that the ultraviolet radiation of the sun reaches the surface of our planet even in winter and then it is reflected from the snow layer and gets into the eyes, causing them great harm.

The results of numerous medical investigations clearly demonstrate that wearing of contact lenses with build-in UV-filter is a good preventive method against many eye diseases.

Depending on the level of protection against ultraviolet radiation, such contact lenses can be divided into two classes. There are:

  • Contact lenses of the 1st class. They are capable of absorbing more than 99% of UV-B and not less than 90% of UV-A rays.

  • Contact lenses of the 3rd class. They block from 70% and over of UV-A and over 95% of UV-B rays.

It is clear that contact lenses, that belong to the first class provide better protection against ultraviolet rays. These lenses are manufactured by all major manufacturers, in paticular, they are presented in assortment of such companies as: Cooper Vision, CIBA Vision, Johnson&Johnson and the others.